Working at ECS

At ECS International, we help organizations manage their exchange of (big) data more efficiently and manageable: we transform their data and integrate it with any application and secure their business communications with their trading partners.

What we do

We believe every business organization should be able to manage and exchange their (big) data, simple and secure. We have transformed our passion for secure file sharing and data integration into future-oriented solutions by making it possible to creating and integrating various connections, data types and protocols.

What we want to achieve

ECS has built a strong position in the last 20 years in the European secure file sharing and data integration market. Now, we are on the threshold of further growth. A growth that we can only establish with talented colleagues who, like us, have guts, the rights sense for responsibility and are able to work independently as well as in a team.

How we work

To deliver the high quality we aspire, we have set a number of principles. First, we work with leading partners such as Cleo, Open Text and Adeptia. And secondly, we do what we say and we say what we do.

We are committed to our customers. Together we find the best innovative solution for the their challenges. We sincerely enjoy helping our customers and gladly exceed their expectations.

Our people

Our colleagues are creative and innovative. We combine our no nonsense personality with humor and passion. We have fun in doing our job right and efficient, and are encouraged to be entrepreneurial. Being of good service in a fast and effective way, is in our DNA. Our motto : we are your partner in data integration and secure communication!

What do you want?

Whether you are looking for a fun and challenging new job or a last year internship in an inspiring environment:  if you want to develop yourself in the inspiring technology of secure communications and data integration, our company is the right place to be!