Searching for your next revenue driver? Analyze your B2B ecosystem to find it.


Businesses that want to stay relevant and useful to their customers should always be on the look out for their next potential revenue drivers. The great thing about investing in, developing, and analyzing your B2B ecosystem is that it’s not just a means for more effective business practices, but can also give you clues on […]

The Logistics Sector is an Integral Part of an Emissions-Free Future


The logistics sector operates between villages, cities, major ports, countries and continents. Between businesses and consumers, including retailers, warehouses, pharmaceutical companies and even building material producers. Hardly any item you can think of has been untouched by the logistics industry and with the broad array of ways it uses to transport everything from point A […]

Lower Costs and Increase Customer Satisfaction with Digital Transformation


There are many reasons for undertaking the process of digital transformation. The one most talked about is how much it improves the customer experience, particularly when it comes to helping them spend quickly and receive their products just as fast. Another huge benefit is that it ultimately saves your company big when it comes to […]

Data Integration is the Key To Staying Competitive


What exactly are the defined benefits of data integration for your business? How will investing in data make your business more competitive? Today’s data integration platforms offer limitless possibilities when it comes to improving the way you work. And it isn’t just for global enterprises, but virtually any business with a digital presence and any […]

3 Reasons to Modernize Your EDI System


EDI systems are still the standard B2B communications systems for many businesses. A modernized EDI platform will result in a more seamless, efficient and clear experience for the entire business’s digital ecosystem. Businesses themselves will benefit particularly by delivering the best communication systems available to their customers or trading partners which builds trust and authority. […]

Grocery Stores Are Making Technology More Tangible


More and more industries are finding ways to utilize the power of technology, and grocers are not to be excluded. With online shopping becoming the norm, even fruits and vegetables can be ordered online and delivered to your doorstep. What is the most important part of moving grocery stores to the online domain and how […]

Protect Your Email from Data Breaches with this Simple Solution


Why is email such a vulnerable part of our business communications? Because it involves a lot of moving parts, sensitive information and the transfer of it between multiple points. Every step of an email’s journey can present an opportunity for hacking or picking up a virus. As soon as information is sent via a server […]

iSHARE Promises to Make Data Sharing Easier and Safer Than Ever


Possibly the biggest buzzword in our office over the last year has been “iSHARE”, and now that buzz has finally reached its big moment. One of the most exciting programs for the modern supply or information chain is entering the adoption phase and we can’t wait to see how organizations will utilize it to improve […]

Manual Data Entry is Killing Your Business Efficiency


Efficiency is the key to a successful, innovative and progressive business. If things can’t be done efficiently then your business will lose out. Whether that be on wasted time, wasted talent or loss of profits. The saying “time is money” couldn’t be more applicable to today’s ever-faster paced business, trade and technological landscapes. If one […]

5 Supply Chain Tech Trends that Will Boost Business in 2019 and Beyond


The internet of things, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other developments are continuing to prove their value in business processes. By allowing businesses to create and use data in meaningful ways, these supply chain trends combined with investment in data integration are essential in order to digitally transform your business. Here are our top five ways […]