Is Your System Strong Enough to Handle the Future of E-commerce?


The companies that are already thriving in the new landscape of E-commerce were quick to adapt new technology and integrate their systems in order to not just survive, but thrive. Is your backend system strong, agile and connected enough to join the E-commerce companies currently thriving in today’s market? Are you using the data you […]

3 Reasons Why Visibility is Your Key to Digital Transformation in Your Supply Chain


  After the exciting time at the biggest logistics conference of the year in the Netherlands, Logistics Day, one of the most crucial points of that day is still on our minds. Here at ECS we have always been proponents for business visibility and are always working on ways to make it easier to achieve. […]

Take a Look at the Top 5 Ideas from Logistics Day 2019


Once a year the Logistiek Dag (Logistics Day) event comes around to get some of the biggest names in Dutch companies working in and with the logistics sector together. With more than 180 attendees along with a thorough list of keynote speakers, the day ran just like any good logistics company should, with much communication […]

How to Avoid Business Integration Failure and Do It Right the First Time


Part 2: Learn from the Experts In our last blog we addressed one of the biggest IT modernization failures that we’ve seen recently. Due to a poorly implemented, drawn out and mismatched strategy, a large pharmaceutical company in the Netherlands all but collapsed. The demise of a business is always unfortunate, but it provides an […]

How to Avoid Business Integration Failure and Do It Right the First Time


Part 1: Learn from Examples While we have addressed the topic of data integration and IT modernization for industry many times, it is important to make it clear how important it is to not just do it, but do it right. Reshaping your businesses digital infrastructure is not a subject to be taken lightly and […]

Ecosystem Integration: A New Approach to Master Your Digital Transformation


At the beginning of the month a team from ECS International as EMEA partner attended CLEO´s annual partner event in Chicago. Our team was in for a bit of a surprise when the event showcased a new strategy, rather than an entirely new product. This new strategy gives businesses the opportunity to make digital transformation […]

3 Ways to Put Data First in Transportation & Logistics


Effective data usage is a notorious sore spot in Transportation and Logistics. Dutch Research institute Panteia recently published their yearly analysis of the Transportation & Logistics sector in the Netherlands and the theme of their findings was very clear: when it comes to implementing data driven IT strategies, the logistics sector must speed up or […]

Year-End Wrap Up and Thank You from ECS International!


How can it be that it’s already time for an end of year mail? With all the exciting things happening at ECS International this year, it feels like 2018 has flown by! From new partnerships to new solutions and new connections, we’ve been busy making digital transformation a reality for many companies across Europe. For […]

We Answer the 3 Biggest Questions from the ICT & Logistiek Exhibition


At this year’s exhibition, we teamed up with our newest partner, iSHARE, to share information and answer questions about this set of agreements and how to achieve efficient and secure data sharing capabilities. Participating in ICT & Logistiek was a great way for ECS International to get face to face with companies, gain insider knowledge, and to […]

The EDI vs. API debate as ECS sees it? It’s a draw!


  What’s the difference between EDI and API? EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) has been around for years and it is the original form of secure data exchange. It is mainly used to send large amounts of messages in a standardized and protected manner, from transmission to flow to the interpretation of the documents based on […]