Digitization in Logistics Remains an Issue Despite Clear Benefits


The logistics industry may as well be known as the industry that never sleeps. Across time zones and continents, logistics are involved in nearly every aspect of our business transactions and our daily lives. Constant communication, extensive protocols, and ever changing rules and regulations all put pressure on the world’s logistics operators. For this reason […]

Year-End Wrap Up 2019 and What’s Coming 2020!


How can it be that it’s already time for an end of year mail? With all the exciting things happening at ECS International this year, it feels like 2019 has flown by! From new partnerships to new solutions to new colleagues and new connections, we’ve been busy making digital transformation a reality for many companies […]

Your Data Isn’t Safe Just Because its in the Cloud


Recent research conducted by Thales through the Ponemon Institute tapped into 3,667 IT and security staff members around the globe to find out how important security in the cloud is to them. The ‘Thales Global Cloud Security Study’ found that not nearly as many companies operating in the cloud were as concerned about security as […]

Why Modern EDI Logistics Software is Critical to Your Business’s Success


Anyone working in the logistics industry is likely already aware of the importance of new technologies when it comes to operational efficiency. In particular, EDI software continues to reign supreme because of its sheer amount of applicable uses when it comes to business transactions. Whether that be onboarding new trading partners, communicating with existing partners […]

Overcome the Two Biggest Obstacles to Digital Transformation With These Simple Solutions


What are the obstacles your company faces when it comes to digital transformation? A new study by Avanade has concluded that most companies around the world are struggling with at least one of four major issues that are stopping their path towards digital transformation. We believe that identifying problems is a good thing, but finding […]

Data Connections Will Change the Way You Do Business


In our last blogs we talked about how important big data is becoming to businesses across the spectrum of size and industry, but particularly in transportation and logistics. We also explained how data that’s already taking shape in your B2B ecosystem could give clues to your next revenue drivers, but what about the businesses that […]

Searching for your next revenue driver? Analyze your B2B ecosystem to find it.


Businesses that want to stay relevant and useful to their customers should always be on the look out for their next potential revenue drivers. The great thing about investing in, developing, and analyzing your B2B ecosystem is that it’s not just a means for more effective business practices, but can also give you clues on […]

The Logistics Sector is an Integral Part of an Emissions-Free Future


The logistics sector operates between villages, cities, major ports, countries and continents. Between businesses and consumers, including retailers, warehouses, pharmaceutical companies and even building material producers. Hardly any item you can think of has been untouched by the logistics industry and with the broad array of ways it uses to transport everything from point A […]

Lower Costs and Increase Customer Satisfaction with Digital Transformation


There are many reasons for undertaking the process of digital transformation. The one most talked about is how much it improves the customer experience, particularly when it comes to helping them spend quickly and receive their products just as fast. Another huge benefit is that it ultimately saves your company big when it comes to […]

Data Integration is the Key To Staying Competitive


What exactly are the defined benefits of data integration for your business? How will investing in data make your business more competitive? Today’s data integration platforms offer limitless possibilities when it comes to improving the way you work. And it isn’t just for global enterprises, but virtually any business with a digital presence and any […]