A growing business means more file sharing. Learn from examples to keep business communications secure, fast and effective.


Not one IT manager wants to be confronted with the fact that he or his department is not aware of all currently running applications. Especially nowadays when regulating security, transparency and effectiveness is a must, but it can happen. Sometimes people leave the company or change jobs and when applications do their work with no […]

A quick recap of 2017 and what we’ll be working on in 2018 with you


It has been a busy year here for us at ECS International as it has undoubtedly been for you, too. As the holidays are always a good time to reflect and look toward the future, we would like to share a quick recap of 2017 and what we’ll be working on in 2018 with you. […]

The Differences Between FTP, FTPS and SFTP and What They Mean to Your Company


Small Things That Make Huge Differences in Company Security The Differences Between FTP and FTPS and SFTP and what they Mean to Your Company Who would have thought that one tiny little letter could make or break your company’s security? In our ever-advancing technological world these little differences mean huge advantages to your company, as […]

At ECS International you know where you stand


“It is not just about selling products and services. You are a true interlocutor. You listen to the client and his constraints. That is the starting point for looking for the best possible solution and finding it.” That is what Mark Mazereeuw discovered since he started working for ECS International. “I used to work in […]

A swift onboarding process as your unique selling point


Is your onboarding process of a new partner or supplier taken as much time as the Brexit negotiations? That is problematic, because in today’s B2B E-commerce market it is all about speed. A swift and secure onboarding process for your new partners with your e-commerce solutions is therefore essential. If you can make speed a […]

EDI isn’t a challenge, it’s an opportunity


  To most companies it seems like a challenge, implementing an EDI-system so you, your costumers and your logistical partner can exchange messages really fast. But there are more upsides than downsides to electronic messaging. Efficiency Working with electronic messaging is one the best ways to efficiency. Instead of manually placing an order, waiting on […]

And then your customer’s EDI-standards are there


  More and more customers expect you to make the switch to EDI and integrate with their systems. It is not so much the case of not willing to make that switch, more often it is about how fast you can implement the demands of you customer. Starting an EDI-project with a new customer often […]

From the bottom of our hearts


  Proud. Honoured. The only words we can use to describe our feelings after being voted in the top 10 of the best corporations of our province, Noord-Holland. And it are the only words that can describe our appreciation for you, our clients, when we say from the bottom of our hearts: Thank you! Thank […]

AS4: the next step in secure file transfer


Many of our clients communicate with governmental institutions. Are you one of them? Then you will surely be asked to implement the new protocol AS4 within the years to come. In our opinion, it’s a more than interesting communication protocol. It helps you to exchange electronic data and documents in an interoperable, secure, reliable and […]

What’s best for your business: in-house or outsourced EDI?


What to do when your supplier demands electronic messaging? Do you choose in-house or outsourced EDI? First of all, there is no single ‘best solution’ that fits every company. That’s why you need to decide what your company policy is. At ECS International, we strategically help you make the best choice for your business at […]

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