Boosting your business with EDI & integration by truly working together


In our last couple of blogs we have touched the subjects of Analyzing data and transforming your business into Smart Manufacturing. In order to participate and welcome the “Industry 4.0” you will need to address EDI & Integration as well as the third necessary step. Now comes the interesting part, how can you take these […]

Smart Manufacturing will shape your future


Many have heard the phrase “4th Industrial Revolution” before and we have talked about one of the main goals in our last blog, namely “Collecting and Analyzing Data”. Now we want to address the concept of “The Internet of Things” which is picking up pace at a very high rate. The Internet of Things (IoT) […]

Collecting data is not the goal, being able to analyze this data is!


According to ABI Research Manufacturers will spend $19.8 billion on Data Analytics by 2026. Data management and data analytics are becoming an essential part of how manufacturers conduct business. More and more software solutions get implemented which generate data that can be used to make more calculated decisions to help with for example the forecast […]

More than ever there is a need to eliminate unnecessary costs!


COVID-19 has taken the world by storm and has been ravaging the global economy on a scale we haven’t seen for many years! Unfortunately, you are already aware of the situation and we are all seeing the effects across manufacturing, logistics, retail and wholesale industries. Hiring freezes, elimination of traveling, not paying the building rent […]

Digitization in Logistics Remains an Issue Despite Clear Benefits


The logistics industry may as well be known as the industry that never sleeps. Across time zones and continents, logistics are involved in nearly every aspect of our business transactions and our daily lives. Constant communication, extensive protocols, and ever changing rules and regulations all put pressure on the world’s logistics operators. For this reason […]

Year-End Wrap Up 2019 and What’s Coming 2020!


How can it be that it’s already time for an end of year mail? With all the exciting things happening at ECS International this year, it feels like 2019 has flown by! From new partnerships to new solutions to new colleagues and new connections, we’ve been busy making digital transformation a reality for many companies […]

Your Data Isn’t Safe Just Because its in the Cloud


Recent research conducted by Thales through the Ponemon Institute tapped into 3,667 IT and security staff members around the globe to find out how important security in the cloud is to them. The ‘Thales Global Cloud Security Study’ found that not nearly as many companies operating in the cloud were as concerned about security as […]

Why Modern EDI Logistics Software is Critical to Your Business’s Success


Anyone working in the logistics industry is likely already aware of the importance of new technologies when it comes to operational efficiency. In particular, EDI software continues to reign supreme because of its sheer amount of applicable uses when it comes to business transactions. Whether that be onboarding new trading partners, communicating with existing partners […]

Overcome the Two Biggest Obstacles to Digital Transformation With These Simple Solutions


What are the obstacles your company faces when it comes to digital transformation? A new study by Avanade has concluded that most companies around the world are struggling with at least one of four major issues that are stopping their path towards digital transformation. We believe that identifying problems is a good thing, but finding […]

Data Connections Will Change the Way You Do Business


In our last blogs we talked about how important big data is becoming to businesses across the spectrum of size and industry, but particularly in transportation and logistics. We also explained how data that’s already taking shape in your B2B ecosystem could give clues to your next revenue drivers, but what about the businesses that […]