We Answer the 3 Biggest Questions from the ICT & Logistiek Exhibition


At this year’s exhibition, we teamed up with our newest partner, iSHARE, to share information and answer questions about this set of agreements and how to achieve efficient and secure data sharing capabilities. Participating in ICT & Logistiek was a great way for ECS International to get face to face with companies, gain insider knowledge, and to […]

The EDI vs. API debate as ECS sees it? It’s a draw!


  What’s the difference between EDI and API? EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) has been around for years and it is the original form of secure data exchange. It is mainly used to send large amounts of messages in a standardized and protected manner, from transmission to flow to the interpretation of the documents based on […]

Don’t Get Stuck in a Digital Spaghetti During Digital Transformation


At this week’s ICT & Logistiek Exhibition, we paired up with iShare to talk about the latest developments in technology and how they are transforming logistics. Ben Rinkel, ECS International’s Managing Director, gave a presentation on digital spaghetti in the logistics industry and how it negatively impacts anyone trying to do business in logistics. But […]

Industry 4.0 and The Future of the Supply Chain


Technology and “smart” devices are starting to touch every industry and business model we can think of, and the supply chain is no different. With the benefits of integrating smart solutions into logistics become more and more clear, any company involved in a supply chain that’s not adapting to these new solutions will be quickly […]

Hackathon speeds up innovation in sharing data


The first iSHARE Tech-celerator has resulted in a trove of new, innovative solutions for sharing data. The solutions came from twenty multidisciplinary teams, consisting of members from all parts in the chain. After a day of hacking, first prize went to the team of Ritra, Yellowstar, Portbase, Secure Logistics en Poort8. Part of the prize […]

The 6 reasons why ECS chose iSHARE


Recently, ECS International has entered a partnership with the organisation behind iSHARE, a uniform set of agreements for identification, authentication and authorization within the Transport and Logistics sector. In this weblog we want to give you the 6 most important reasons for why we chose to support iSHARE. 1. Focus on the Transport and Logistics […]

How to Bridge the AS2-AS4 Communication Gap and Stay in Business


With more industries continuing to recognize the heightened security and agility of the AS4 messaging protocol, the more it is becoming the norm. Following the success of the e-SENS project that made EU cross-border messaging using AS4 mandatory, Oil & Gas followed suit, and now Aviation and Healthcare are close behind. How do companies still […]

Integration Platforms as a Service Are Making Digital Transformation More Achievable


What is iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service)? An iPaaS – or Integration Platform as a Service – provides a centralized console to manage, govern, and integrate cloud-based applications, using tools that connect cloud applications and services, and control integration flows. Companies use iPaaS solutions to scale performance needs, add product functionality, and structure SaaS […]

Don’t Ignore those Update Notifications. Here’s Why!


We’ve all ignored what we thought were just more unnecessary software update notifications from time to time, but ignoring updates could mean trouble for systems, especially when it comes to security. We talked to a couple of our resident experts about why updates are so important and how they protect systems from a range of […]

Top 5 Trends in the Pharma/Life Sciences Supply Chain


Big Data and the Cloud, Precision Medicine, IoT, Industry Regulations and On-Demand Delivery. No industry is “safe” from the effects of these top five trends in technology and administration, including pharmaceuticals and life sciences. Alongside industries such as transportation and logistics, oil and manufacturing, supply chains are transforming thanks to the developments of these technologies. […]