Shifting to OFTP2 Communications… Is it really a necessity?


In short, Yes. When considering the added value utilizing the OFTP2 protocol brings to your business there is no reason not to. As the main communications protocol created and used by the European Automotive Industry, OFTP securely exchanged EDI data over ISDN networks but now OFTP2 delivers the same reliable communications securely over the Internet. […]

Seamlessly Integrate Your Applications with Integration Connectors to Your ERP, WMS On-prem, in the Cloud or Hybrid


The biggest buzzword around our office the last few months has been ‘integration’. We have talked about data and application integration and why it is the future of any successful business operation from the pharmaceutical industry to ecommerce and how your business will benefit. Another step towards data integration is using Integration Connectors that take […]

The Power of AS4: The Best New Solution for B2B Messaging


A rather recent standard, AS4 has caught the attention of the industries where security and reliability are critical in business operations but also by organizations wanting to expand their B2B/B2G/B2C proficiency. We’ve talked about AS4 as the next step in secure file transfers before but we’d like to share the specifics about what makes it […]

The WHY of ECS International: Find out what defines us!


Why do we do what we do? Because of our passion for integration technology, our commitment to our clients’ success and our drive to improve processes. Many of us have heard the saying “if you love what you do, you’ll never have to work a day in your life”. And our team here at ECS […]

How to Conquer the Cloud and the Competition with Integrated B2B Solutions


As you may have gathered from our last two blog posts, we can’t stress enough how important we think Data Integration and Cloud Solutions are to successful business. Being an IT company, we see it as our responsibility to offer our customers only the latest and greatest solutions. After a recent team trip to the United […]

How can B2B Data Integration help your business?


B2B Enterprise Data Integration is a solution that consolidates all your B2B applications into one single versatile platform. It’s one more step to take towards total data control and complete business visibility. In our last blog we shared a customer’s story about how they discovered a push messaging version of a secure file transfer solution […]

A growing business means more file sharing. Learn from examples to keep business communications secure, fast and effective.


Not one IT manager wants to be confronted with the fact that he or his department is not aware of all currently running applications. Especially nowadays when regulating security, transparency and effectiveness is a must, but it can happen. Sometimes people leave the company or change jobs and when applications do their work with no […]

A quick recap of 2017 and what we’ll be working on in 2018 with you


It has been a busy year here for us at ECS International as it has undoubtedly been for you, too. As the holidays are always a good time to reflect and look toward the future, we would like to share a quick recap of 2017 and what we’ll be working on in 2018 with you. […]

The Differences Between FTP, FTPS and SFTP and What They Mean to Your Company


Small Things That Make Huge Differences in Company Security The Differences Between FTP and FTPS and SFTP and what they Mean to Your Company Who would have thought that one tiny little letter could make or break your company’s security? In our ever-advancing technological world these little differences mean huge advantages to your company, as […]

At ECS International you know where you stand


“It is not just about selling products and services. You are a true interlocutor. You listen to the client and his constraints. That is the starting point for looking for the best possible solution and finding it.” That is what Mark Mazereeuw discovered since he started working for ECS International. “I used to work in […]

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