iSHARE Promises to Make Data Sharing Easier and Safer Than Ever


Possibly the biggest buzzword in our office over the last year has been “iSHARE”, and now that buzz has finally reached its big moment. One of the most exciting programs for the modern supply or information chain is entering the adoption phase and we can’t wait to see how organizations will utilize it to improve […]

Manual Data Entry is Killing Your Business Efficiency


Efficiency is the key to a successful, innovative and progressive business. If things can’t be done efficiently then your business will lose out. Whether that be on wasted time, wasted talent or loss of profits. The saying “time is money” couldn’t be more applicable to today’s ever-faster paced business, trade and technological landscapes. If one […]

5 Supply Chain Tech Trends that Will Boost Business in 2019 and Beyond


The internet of things, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other developments are continuing to prove their value in business processes. By allowing businesses to create and use data in meaningful ways, these supply chain trends combined with investment in data integration are essential in order to digitally transform your business. Here are our top five ways […]

Different Work Culture, Same Pains Across the Atlantic


As a long term partner of ours, not only has Cleo helped us improve the services we offer in Europe, but we’ve helped Cleo reach new customers across the Atlantic as well. This week we wanted to ask Frank Kenney, the Director of Sales Enablement at Cleo, about his view on the differences and similarities […]

How to Create Total Value for Your Retail Customer By Utilizing Your Data


Why is data so important to today’s retailers, whether online or offline? Because it provides an opportunity for retailers to add more total value and create a tailored experience for their customer. Even if you already do understand the possibilities that data presents, you may still be unsure on how to utilize it. Our Business […]

Is Your System Strong Enough to Handle the Future of E-commerce?


The companies that are already thriving in the new landscape of E-commerce were quick to adapt new technology and integrate their systems in order to not just survive, but thrive. Is your backend system strong, agile and connected enough to join the E-commerce companies currently thriving in today’s market? Are you using the data you […]

3 Reasons Why Visibility is Your Key to Digital Transformation in Your Supply Chain


  After the exciting time at the biggest logistics conference of the year in the Netherlands, Logistics Day, one of the most crucial points of that day is still on our minds. Here at ECS we have always been proponents for business visibility and are always working on ways to make it easier to achieve. […]

Take a Look at the Top 5 Ideas from Logistics Day 2019


Once a year the Logistiek Dag (Logistics Day) event comes around to get some of the biggest names in Dutch companies working in and with the logistics sector together. With more than 180 attendees along with a thorough list of keynote speakers, the day ran just like any good logistics company should, with much communication […]

How to Avoid Business Integration Failure and Do It Right the First Time


Part 2: Learn from the Experts In our last blog we addressed one of the biggest IT modernization failures that we’ve seen recently. Due to a poorly implemented, drawn out and mismatched strategy, a large pharmaceutical company in the Netherlands all but collapsed. The demise of a business is always unfortunate, but it provides an […]

How to Avoid Business Integration Failure and Do It Right the First Time


Part 1: Learn from Examples While we have addressed the topic of data integration and IT modernization for industry many times, it is important to make it clear how important it is to not just do it, but do it right. Reshaping your businesses digital infrastructure is not a subject to be taken lightly and […]