The 6 reasons why ECS chose iSHARE


Recently, ECS International has entered a partnership with the organisation behind iSHARE, a uniform set of agreements for identification, authentication and authorization within the Transport and Logistics sector. In this weblog we want to give you the 6 most important reasons for why we chose to support iSHARE. 1. Focus on the Transport and Logistics […]

How to Bridge the AS2-AS4 Communication Gap and Stay in Business


With more industries continuing to recognize the heightened security and agility of the AS4 messaging protocol, the more it is becoming the norm. Following the success of the e-SENS project that made EU cross-border messaging using AS4 mandatory, Oil & Gas followed suit, and now Aviation and Healthcare are close behind. How do companies still […]

Integration Platforms as a Service Are Making Digital Transformation More Achievable


What is iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service)? An iPaaS – or Integration Platform as a Service – provides a centralized console to manage, govern, and integrate cloud-based applications, using tools that connect cloud applications and services, and control integration flows. Companies use iPaaS solutions to scale performance needs, add product functionality, and structure SaaS […]

Don’t Ignore those Update Notifications. Here’s Why!


We’ve all ignored what we thought were just more unnecessary software update notifications from time to time, but ignoring updates could mean trouble for systems, especially when it comes to security. We talked to a couple of our resident experts about why updates are so important and how they protect systems from a range of […]

Top 5 Trends in the Pharma/Life Sciences Supply Chain


Big Data and the Cloud, Precision Medicine, IoT, Industry Regulations and On-Demand Delivery. No industry is “safe” from the effects of these top five trends in technology and administration, including pharmaceuticals and life sciences. Alongside industries such as transportation and logistics, oil and manufacturing, supply chains are transforming thanks to the developments of these technologies. […]

5 Ways to Combine Old and New Technology In Transport & Logistics


Logistics is one industry that is constantly changing. Every logistics company must be continuously reshaping itself and considering the latest technologies while also staying compliant with shifting regulations. This is a lot to consider for any business and the companies that succeed will be the ones embracing a combination of the latest trends alongside traditional […]

Five Ways B2B Integration as a Service Can Make Digital Transformation Work For You


What is the point of investing in a data integration solution when after all of the effort to onboard it, most users are unable to figure out how to use it? Many businesses are finding integration solutions to be overly complicated. They have all the bells and whistles but not enough practical applications for the […]

Expanding Business and Secure Communications with Littlebit Technology


Littlebit Technology based in Switzerland is a company on the move. Having recently expanded into the Benelux, that meant their secure communication capabilities needed to expand as well. The expansion is exciting news for the company that distributes, services and produces IT products, but preparation was key to make the jump to a new region […]

What Do Transport and Logistics Need Now?


Following a recent study and report on the Transport and Logistics industries, what these industries need now is business intelligence and digital transformation. Our Business Developer, Jeroen Schouteren, shares some of his insights on the subject and why this is such an exciting opportunity not only for technology providers, but also for transportation and logistics […]

Do APIs Truly Measure Up to EDI?


The newest way to integrate systems, the Application Programming Interface or API, has a lot going for it indeed. But how does it measure up against the proven efficiency of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)? Depending on the needs of your business, using EDI may actually be more beneficial when it comes to B2B communication than […]