ECS is expanding their Account Management Team to grow faster on the European Market

Data Communication, transformation and integration specialist ECS is expanding their Account management team to grow faster on the European Market.

With this expansion of the account management team ECS will be able to accelerate the growth in Europe while increasing the services provided by our Integration Platform X4Connect.

ECS is delighted to welcome Jan de Putter, an experienced partner manager, to our ranks to focus on our partnerships and helping us to achieve our goals in Europe.

Jan de Putter has over 22 years of experience of advising companies to see the value in Low-Code, Modernization, Cloud while also providing his expertise in enterprise software solutions. He has started his journey as Account Manager for the Netherlands with smaller company when he joined a larger company specializing in low-code app development. Here he worked his way up from Country Manager Benelux to Country Manager Germany to Partner Manager EMEA.

“You can see why ECS is very happy to have Jan onboard and we believe that with his experience he will help us achieve the next level. He is bringing in knowledge, a fresh pair of eyes and knows what is needed to work with our customers to achieve maximum success.” says Maja Jonker, Managing Director of ECS. The goals we have set for ECS the next couple of years can only be achieved by strengthening our relationships with our partners & customers while building a relationship with new customers as well. This is where Jan can really help us improve our service

“I am thrilled to have joined ECS last June in their quest to help our current partners, customers and prospects answer their questions on Data Transformation, Integration and Communication. My personal challenge will be to use my experience and knowledge to help achieve the goals set by ECS and make sure the name ECS will be associated with the words Trusted Partner for the years to come.” says Jan de Putter, Business Partner Development at ECS.

About ECS

ECS International are experts in enterprise application integration and the secure exchange of data. We build strong and safe integrations between applications, helping our clients work more efficiently, improve their service and increase the speed of doing business with their customers, suppliers and business partners.

We are not just another technology company. Our senior consultants have extensive knowledge of supply chain applications, business processes and workflows, enabling them to help our clients optimize efficiency, reliability and flexibility through the use of technology. We think in solutions, not challenges and we always deliver on our promise.
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