ECS developed an iSHARE connector for the transport and logistics market

You can now determine how you are sharing your cargo and logistical data, in a safe way.

We are your official partner to get certified and to start sharing data. All logistical parties can use our iSHARE connector to get integrated with the iSHARE network. The iSHARE connector is developed to allow its users to share their data digitally to known and unknown partnersAll on your own terms which you decide before sharing your data. This is all possible without the need to exchange emails, contact over the phone or maybe even through fax. Creating extensive and time-consuming contracts with each partner involved in your supply chain is history.

From 2016 – 2019 Innopay (one of the companies behind iDEAL) started with the development of iSHARE as an initiative started by the Topsector Logistiek (governmental initiative to promote development in logistics). The goal of creating iSHARE is to find a way to take down barriers for data sharing to all parties involved in the supply chain. Using data to create information that can be used by all parties involved to improve their job. Simple and easy to use in a standardized way.

Sharing data should be used to improve the activities of your core business. iSHARE does this through a three principal system (IAA):

  • Identification: When shipping cargo and freight, you need to control the ability of third parties to access your information about the contents of your shipments.
  • Authentication: Storage companies want to make sure that they are using every square meter optimally and cost efficiently, without manually checking every trucker, train operator or captain for inland shipping. Incoming and outgoing cargo and freight needs to be handled quickly and efficiently.
  • Authorization: As the owner of products being shipped, you need to have full control over which third party is allowed to handle your valuables.

Through the iSHARE certification you can determine exactly who is handling your cargo and what they are allowed to know about the valuables inside. The iSHARE connector allows all the users to identify, authenticate and authorize handlers of cargo and freight with a turnkey solution. All without human interaction, making it faster, easier and safer to share data with everyone involved.

iSHARE is developed for, by and with logistical professionals as a foundation without the aim to make a profit. Solely, to help everyone involved to share data. Therefore, every participant of iSHARE can help to further develop and improve the way to share data. ECS can support you with every step on the way;

  • iSHARE implementation and certification;
  • Integration with the iSHARE network;
  • Technical integration with your IT-landscape;
  • Implementation support

We are eager to give you a demo, consult or more information regarding iSHARE and our connector to create a leap forward in sharing data, without any obligation.

We provided you with details how this iSHARE connector can help your logistical business here: