Ecosystem Integration: A New Approach to Master Your Digital Transformation

At the beginning of the month a team from ECS International as EMEA partner attended CLEO´s annual partner event in Chicago. Our team was in for a bit of a surprise when the event showcased a new strategy, rather than an entirely new product. This new strategy gives businesses the opportunity to make digital transformation easier than ever.

And this time, it couldn´t be more true. Ecosystem Integration is the strategy on all of our minds at ECS and it is changing the way we approach  integration tactics.

But wait, no new products?

What good are new products if existing products can still be improved and made to better work together? This new approach from CLEO shows just how much the company is considering the struggles that businesses face when attempting to digitally transform in the age of modern business.

The consideration of not just WHY businesses should integrate but HOW they can do it without halting business practices, is one of the big reasons why Cleos Integration Cloud software was named one of the Top 50 Products for 2019 by G2Crowd.

How is the Ecosystem Integration approach better than others?

Gartner research President, Massimo Pezzini, believes that through the year 2020, companies will be spending 50% of their time and money on integration while building their digital platforms. The only way to improve the time it takes to transform is to radically change the way we approach it.

Businesses undertaking integration should work from the outside-in. This means including all partners, customers, and suppliers on the ¨edge¨ of the business in the digital transformation, which for most businesses mean hundreds or even thousands of connections, apps and systems. An inner focused strategy will only get you so far, and in the coming years that will likely not be far enough.

At ECS we are very proud to be able to assist businesses here in Europe with the best opportunities to advise and help them master their Ecosystem Integration approach.

Here are five benefits of Ecosystem Integration:

1. Pre-built B2B Connectors: With a repository of hundreds of preconfigured, ready-to-deploy communication templates you can connect nearly automatically with business partners. There´s no need to have an IT specialist on-site for every new connection.

2. Rich APIs and Application Connectors: Allow you to accelerate delivery of custom integrations which not only builds trust but also revenue.

3. Automated Onboarding Tools: Let you leverage schema, map, and business process re-usability means you can say ¨yes¨ to virtually any new business partner and make it easier for people to do business with you.

4. Automated Transformation: Helps you create automated processes to transform any data file type and make yourself more responsive to changing business needs. For messaging or MFT between different protocols, once it is set you won´t have to think about it again.

5. End-to-End Visibility: Makes it easier to maintain SLA compliance by using real-time views of all data exchanges. It also helps provide better customer experiences by streamlining operational data flows.

Another great advantage of integrating with the CLEO Cloud is its flexibility. According to Jeroen Schouteren, our Business Integration Developer, ¨With this approach you will find at ECS a completely tailored solution:  our knowledge and technology allows you to build integrations across virtually any platform, whether they be on-prem, Cloud based or even hybrid. Just because it is a Cloud based software doesnt mean that is the only option for deployment, and that’s something special that we can offer.¨

The time is truly now to complete your digital transformation.

The Ecosystem Integration approach has got us excited all over again when it comes to helping businesses solve their integration problems, both internally and externally. This approach leaves no partner, customer, application or platform behind and will propel your business into the future like never before.

With the continued modernization of the integration platform businesses can drive revenue, see a faster ROI on their integration initiatives and ultimately make better business decisions. Time is running out for businesses to catch up or get started, get in touch with one of us here at ECS International to see how we can make Ecosystem Integration work for you.