Don’t Get Stuck in a Digital Spaghetti During Digital Transformation

At this week’s ICT & Logistiek Exhibition, we paired up with iShare to talk about the latest developments in technology and how they are transforming logistics. Ben Rinkel, ECS International’s Managing Director, gave a presentation on digital spaghetti in the logistics industry and how it negatively impacts anyone trying to do business in logistics. But what is digital spaghetti and how do you fix it?

What do you get when you connect tens, hundreds or even thousands of applications one-to-one? A digital spaghetti of point-to-point integration.

It may sound strange but when big businesses attempt to run on digital spaghetti, they will get lost in the complexity of it all. Just as important as the front end, in order to run a business efficiently, the back end must have the proper technology to support it all.

One-to-one communication with trading partners and solutions makes it impossible for any business to see a complete view of their workflows, to fix problems easily, to streamline operations, and ultimately grow as a company. And with more and more solutions being developed every day, it will pay off big time if companies are staying ahead of their integration needs.

Transforming your business into a fully integrated operation is not as difficult as it may sound. With the flexibility and options for integration with a company like ECS, there is a solution for every type of digital spaghetti.

Here are some ways that untangling digital spaghetti will make your business run smoother, safer and faster:

-Connect with new business partners much easier -Create seamless ‘end-to-end’ data flows -Lower infrastructure and technology costs -Quickly integrate new applications -Less reliance on the IT team -Work with legacy and Cloud or Hybrid storage systems -Increase security and lower risks of data breaches -Dashboards allow for direct insight into all business aspects

One of the biggest problems with point-to-point integration is that it makes it a lot more difficult for businesses to grow easily when every connection requires an entire IT team to set it up. When the business infrastructure is reworked and integrated properly not only will businesses notice a huge difference in the way past applications and partners are able to communicate with each other, but also how quickly new connections can be made. By then offering a reliable and secure communication that actually delivers, businesses will build their trust value and ultimately, grow as a company.

With ECS International’s capabilities to integrate virtually any systems and provide means for businesses to communicate with any partners no matter what protocol they are operating on, and now with the iShare connector to help businesses identify, authenticate, and authorize new trade partners, businesses can integrate anytime, anywhere. With help from our experts, we can untangle your digital spaghetti and set you up for success when it comes to digital transformation. Please contact us today to find out more ways your business can benefit from total integration!