Competitive perspective: data protection as your USP


We read about general data protection regulation everywhere. As a company you would almost become afraid of all these rules. But let’s look at data protection from a whole different perspective. The view from where optimizing your data communication becomes your unique selling point. Where it helps you gain a competitive advantage in your business.

Set yourself apart

Data communication and data integration represent an excellent opportunity to set yourself apart within your field of expertise. By transporting sensitive information and optimizing enterprise applications you will be working as fast, safe and efficient as possible. Business risks are avoided. Knowing you have done everything to do business in the most responsible way gives peace of mind. Knowing can always rely on the right data at the right time helps you make the right business decisions.

Why not act now?

A fact: new regulation on data protection will be released in May of next year. And of course you will have to comply with these rules. There is no need to sit around and wait. At ECS International we gladly help you move forward. Our promise is to take your data exchange to the next level, meeting the new legislation predominantly.

Your competitive edge

We are experts in enterprise application, B2B integration and the secure exchange of data. We build strong and safe integrations between applications, help you work more efficiently, improve your service and increase the speed of doing business with your customers, suppliers and business partners.

Get a firm grip

Do you want a firm grip on your data and do you want to protect your data in the best possible way? We offer you a single platform that does it all. Act now and contact us for more information: +31 229 574331 or