Cleo Integration Suite

    Cleo Integration Suite

    The Cleo Integration Suite seamlessly connects systems, people, and processes by delivering real-time integration and visibility capabilities into B2B, application, cloud, and big data information workflows. The Cleo Integration Suite (CIS) helps organizations increase scale efficiently, while lowering their integration TCO.

    Through a single and versatile platform, CIS enables you to easily connect and integrate B2B, applications, cloud, and big data. Whether you need one single connection today or are moving tens of thousands terabytes of data every day, you can more efficiently deploy and manage integration that spans all of your needs while consolidating and streamlining your existing data connectivity and movement.

    Cleo Integration Suite

    Business to Business integration (B2Bi)

    Connect and manage data exchange between internal systems, suppliers, customers, and partners. Whether you want to replace a legacy system, answer new customer requirements, or increase integration control, CIS provides you with the right tools. These tools help you rapidly deploy secure and reliable B2B connections, accelerate data transformation, streamline routing and workflow, and quickly access real-time dashboards and transaction alerts.

    Cloud integration

    Companies using a wide variety of cloud solutions can rely on CIS to connect and control all business data moving to, from, and within the cloud with advanced security and transaction visibility. Whether you are looking for hybrid on-premise to cloud, or cloud-to-cloud integration capabilities, this scalable integration platform allows you to quickly implement secure connections without the need for modifying your existing IT architecture.

    Application integration

    With an growing number of applications contributing to complex workflows, the Cleo Integration Suite rapidly migrates data from any data source into new applications four times faster than traditional methods, without disrupting processes or compromising security. With CIS you can centralize and accelerate secure data exchange across any internal and external applications, regardless of the data formats, databases, and communication protocols required.

    Big Data integration

    Quickly and securely move big amounts of data from your internal, customer, or partner systems into Hadoop and other big data repositories for analysis. The Cleo Integration Suite makes it easier to manage, track, secure, and govern the data movement in any desired format and size by centralizing all B2B, application, and cloud integrations. CIS allows to orchestrate rapid and secure ingestion into your data lakes to enable business intelligence and unlock the value of your big data projects.

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