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Cleo Integration Cloud

Cleo Integration Cloud

The Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) platform provides self-service and managed services experiences for business and technical users to build, control, and monitor any multi-enterprise (B2B), application (A2A), cloud integration, and data lake ingestion process.

Cleo Integration Cloud lowers TCO by quickly and easily allowing you to add new connections and scale up when needed. Whether you require a single new connection today, or tens of thousands with terabytes of data moving each day, Cleo’s flexible deployment options are design for incredibly easy implementation and upscaling.

Deployment of choice

With Cleo Integration Cloud, your choices for deployment range from fully in-house installed, managed and operated to private cloud or fully managed outsourced – including development of new connections and mappings by ECS International.

Benefits of Cleo Integration Cloud

Cleo Integration Cloud brings a wide range of technical and business benefits. With CIC, you can set up a new partner or a new application integration in half the time of traditional methods. Highly secure connections can be added in literally just a few seconds. Integration capabilities can be extended to your partners and customers to make it easier to do business with your organisation. Data of any size, volume or type can be moved up to 345% faster. And last but not least: you get real-time visibility into all data being generated and exchanged throughout your business processes.

Single integration platform

CIC is one single platform to connect, integrate, control, and track all of your data. Cleo gives you more control, with more flexibility, over all of your integration processes. The reason is that the Cleo Integration Cloud is built as one complete platform, hosted on your cloud, or ours, with the automated tools and intuitive controls you need to easily connect and consolidate systems, applications, clouds, people, and processes. The Cleo Integration Cloud offers:
– MFT-based content routing with agile connectors and broad protocol support
– Powerful any-to-any data transformation and orchestration engine
– Scalability to support any B2B, application, and cloud integration
– API-powered self-service portal for customer, partner, and supplier networks
– Central control for multi-enterprise data governance, visibility, and administration

Integration use cases

As a flexible cloud platform, Cleo Integration Cloud spans all modern integration use cases while centralizing the governance of your interactions and streamlining your existing data connections and secure data movement processes.


Break through the limitations of your legacy integration infrastructure. Rapidly connect, transform, and securely move data throughout any B2B, application, ground-to-cloud, and cloud-to-cloud ecosystem.


Manage business transactions faster with Cleo EDI. Automate EDI processes to accelerate data transformation, data orchestration, and onboarding new partners without custom code.

MFT (Managed File Transfer)

How confident are you in your file transfers? Centralize and govern all data moving throughout your business with the most rapid and secure protocols on the market.

Data pipelines

Move data faster to drive customer engagement and business analytics. Data Pipelines, formerly known as Cleo Big Data Connectors, allow you to quickly build connections to consolidate integration for transformation, orchestration, and the secure movement of all data exchanges.

Learn more about Cleo Integration Cloud

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