Boosting your business with EDI & integration by truly working together

In our last couple of blogs we have touched the subjects of Analyzing data and transforming your business into Smart Manufacturing. In order to participate and welcome the “Industry 4.0” you will need to address EDI & Integration as well as the third necessary step.

Now comes the interesting part, how can you take these necessary steps? When searching the internet you will find many companies claiming they have the right solution for you. By gathering this information, you can make a list of potential suppliers for a solution you think you need to move forward. We would like to advise you in taking a different approach and search for a trusted partner that will listen to you and think with you from step A to Z.

Here at ECS we want to build a partnership with you and help to get a grasp of everything that is needed, while keeping an eye on the roadmap for the next 2,3 or even 5 years. Just picking a solution will only solve 1 speedbump in the road to the “Industry 4.0”. By truly working together we will be able to help you focus on your roadmap and where you want to grow.

At this moment we are helping a large Wholesale/Manufacturer the Netherlands dealing in infrastructure, installation materials and large construction projects. The IT Director has known ECS for multiple years and we have completed several projects together in the past. Because we position ourselves as a trusted advisor we were the first company he called to help them optimize their EDI integration.

By having all the knowledge in-house, ECS was able to help this Wholesale/Manufacturer focus on the roadmap at hand. Together we have connected multiple trading partners on our Integration platform, that they are using on premise, which only took a few weeks in comparison to multiple months.

It doesn’t stop just with just EDI. Because we want to listen first and then act, the roadmap has taken shape in a way that is not possible by simply buying a solution on the market. In the next couple of years more Trading Partners will be connected and everything will be completely integrated within a Dynamics365 environment.

The upsides for this Wholesale/Manufacturer are tremendous! No more time wasted with manual input while achieving higher business efficiency, onboard customers on their ecosystem quicker, automated ordering systems and being able to grow their revenue without increasing the salesforce. While the Wholesaler is reaping all these benefits we will be there in the background working with them and being there if any questions or issues should arise.

By following a similar path instead of simply buying a solution that on paper fits one need, your business can take a giant leap into the “Industry 4.0”!

If you want to know how we can help your business take the necessary steps towards Industrial future contact us today!