AS4: the next step in secure file transfer

Many of our clients communicate with governmental institutions. Are you one of them? Then you will surely be asked to implement the new protocol AS4 within the years to come. In our opinion, it’s a more than interesting communication protocol. It helps you to exchange electronic data and documents in an interoperable, secure, reliable and trusted way. Good to know: we can help you implement AS4, and the protocol is ideal for all businesses that require powerful and secure communication.

The European Union is making strong choices when it comes down to how we all should communicate: AS4 is the way to go. This is a state-of-the-art interoperability protocol that simplifies and standardizes the use of web services for B2B data exchange and integration. The standard has already been adopted within the European Oil & Gas industry, PEPPOL and multiple Governments, and is now becoming mandatory in the EU as well.

Reaching further

AS4 is the improved version of previous applicability statements that were implemented using SMTP (AS1), HTTPs (AS2) and FTPs (AS3). Not only will you be asked to implement AS4 if you want to keep doing business with governmental institutions; your own business will benefit from the new web services interoperability standard as well. For example, you will comply with government and industry mandates, you will be extending the reach of your data integration architecture (including customers and partners) and you will be guaranteeing interoperability for cloud-to-cloud information exchange.

Fully certified

Do you want to be fully prepared for a bright and safe communication future? At ECS International we gladly help you move forward. Our solution is one of the few fully certified AS4 parties in Europe, ensuring you interoperability with business partners, associations, regulators, financial institutions, networks and exchange hubs. Feel free to contact us for more information: +31 229 574331 or