A swift onboarding process as your unique selling point

Is your onboarding process of a new partner or supplier taken as much time as the Brexit negotiations? That is problematic, because in today’s B2B E-commerce market it is all about speed. A swift and secure onboarding process for your new partners with your e-commerce solutions is therefore essential. If you can make speed a unique selling point for your company, it will definitely give you a lead on your competition.

More and more, (multinational) manufactures are outsourcing their e-commerce activities. The reason for that, is that they know it is an essential part of modern day business, but they don’t see it as their core business. Larger companies contract e-commerce partners to develop, integrate and maintain the systems needed for their operations.

They also require those partners to make sure that suppliers are connected in a speedy but secure way to their systems. A secure and speedy onboarding of the suppliers is therefore extremely important.


A lot of e-commerce companies do not have the software or the capacity in their IT-department necessary for this onboarding process. One of the reasons being that this is not their core business. So they outsource parts of that process. As ECS International, we are a partner in this onboarding process. We facilitate the secure and speedy onboarding process.

Through the years, we have obtained the necessary experience and developed software that speeds up that process. With our help, you are capable to board your partners within hours instead of days, whether it is just one or a hundred partners.

A secure and speedy onboarding process makes you an agile e-commerce partner for your customers and this unique selling point gives you an edge on the competition. So if you want to know more about the onboarding process and how ECS International can be a partner in that, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Together we can see how we can make secure and speed your unique selling point.