A growing business means more file sharing. Learn from examples to keep business communications secure, fast and effective.

Not one IT manager wants to be confronted with the fact that he or his department is not aware of all currently running applications. Especially nowadays when regulating security, transparency and effectiveness is a must, but it can happen. Sometimes people leave the company or change jobs and when applications do their work with no errors, the IT team could lose things in the shuffle. A lost application will most certainly not be used to its full potential, meaning IT has to search for new applications to fill the needs of the business that they think aren’t being met. But what if the IT manager could actually fulfill those requirements with the applications that were already running? That would mean big savings on time and effort spent searching for new applications, of course!

This recently happened to one of our customers: a new IT manager was looking for a solution to expand the business’ secure communications necessary to protect their customers and suppliers when exchanging sensitive information.
His company operates in the manufacturing industry. They design, make and process materials and distribute them all over the world. The company has seen great growth in the last couple years and with growth comes an increase in exchanging sensitive information. To continue scaling a business the demand for secure communication exchange must always be met. It also doesn’t hurt if information can be exchanged quickly and efficiently either.

The IT manager went straight to work searching externally for how to improve their current secure communication when he came across Cleo LexiCom on the companies’ system. Cleo LexiCom is an essential application because it functions as one single point of management for secure file transfers and information exchange offering these benefits:
– 1 Dashboard/View
– 1 Point of Contact for All Secure Communication
– 1 Support Contact
– Scalability to Easily Expand and Enable Business Growth

He decided to contact us as we were supplying the application and we were able to easily help him upgrade and expand the solution to meet the growing company’s new requirements. The distractions of patchworked file transfer applications can cause some apps to not be used to their full potential and even be forgotten altogether. By discussing his company’s needs with our consultants we were also able to help them streamline their system and prepare for the future. And best of all, It took only a few days to get everything up and running.

This example proves how important it is to monitor and keep an inventory of applications. The IT manager could’ve wasted time and money searching for and implementing a new secure communication application when the necessary one was already running. And in this case, just one application was needed to get the job done. With growing global businesses, IT takes on more responsibility to maintain secure, fast and effective file transfers and data exchange. And we can always learn from each other and our experiences in large scale secure communications to make it all easier.

And should you not find a solution in house, we are here to help you integrate your SFTP, AS2, AS4 or any other managed file transfer solution into one single platform.