3 Reasons Why Visibility is Your Key to Digital Transformation in Your Supply Chain



After the exciting time at the biggest logistics conference of the year in the Netherlands, Logistics Day, one of the most crucial points of that day is still on our minds. Here at ECS we have always been proponents for business visibility and are always working on ways to make it easier to achieve. Visibility is the most important part of a well-functioning supply chain and with Ecosystem integration a modern logistics business can run more smoothly than ever. A business that focuses on visibility in their digital transformation strategy, and not just in the logistics sector, will benefit majorly for three reasons. End-to-end visibility of your entire business will allow you to:

1. Dashboard Your Way to Success: A logistics company entails tens, hundreds, if not thousands of components. From trading partners to suppliers, transportation, delivery, invoicing and administration, your business can rack up so many portals, logins and passwords. With a smart dashboard you never have to worry about forgetting an important application again. Every single connection can be configured into one advanced dashboard allowing you to interact with any aspect of your supply-chain.

2. Utilize “Useless” Data: Among all the applications and portals you are using there is data that may seem useless but could be in fact very useful. From tax documents to customs forms, bank statements and even insurance policies, there is data that can be used to help your business run more efficiently with the right use of integration technology. As we’ve talked about before, every bit of data and every interaction is powerful in the supply chain transformation strategy.

3. Take Less Risks and Act in Real Time: Greater connectivity reduces risks, it’s really as simple as that. Successful businesses are always trying to minimize risks. Visibility helps your company to play it safe while still working effectively because you can make decisions in real-time. Communication is streamlined with hundreds of partners to make sure there are never empty containers or missed shipments. Ecosystem integration allows immediate visibility of information from suppliers, transporters, resellers and shipping yards.

Focusing on visibility in your digital transformation strategy is a sure way to success. With proper eco system integration and dashboards that can handle the job, you can easily move your logistics business into Industry 4.0. Strong dashboards mean greater visibility. Greater visibility means quicker reactions, less risks and better utilization of data. All of these mean a happy well-functioning logistics business moving its way to the future with a smart digital strategy. Are you ready to take your supply-chain to Industry 4.0 with greater visibility? If so, we can help. Get in touch with us today to find out what digital transformation strategy will work for you.