3 Reasons to Modernize Your EDI System

3 Reasons to Modernize Your EDI SystemEDI systems are still the standard B2B communications systems for many businesses. A modernized EDI platform will result in a more seamless, efficient and clear experience for the entire business’s digital ecosystem. Businesses themselves will benefit particularly by delivering the best communication systems available to their customers or trading partners which builds trust and authority.

Here are the three biggest benefits of modernizing your EDI system:

1. Scalability: Outdated EDI systems fall completely flat when it comes to scalability. While most companies want more customers, it’s vital to be able to handle the volume of transactions that will inevitably follow. An EDI modernization strategy should be fully considered for your company if your systems are struggling to provide your customers with the experience they need to keep business running smoothly. Scalability with traditional managed EDI providers also becomes a problem when it comes to Total Cost of Ownership, this doesn’t happen with a modernized platform.

2. Flexibility: Modern systems bridge the gaps between traditional EDI models to make sure you have full connectivity, visibility, and support for non-standard document syntaxes. When your company is dealing with the exchange of various forms of e-documents, such as X12, EDIFACT, Tradacoms, ODETTE, EANCOM, HIPAA, VDA, and others, flexibility is essential. Throughout the industries, becoming EDI capable means not just being able to accommodate and leverage all of these communication standards, but to do so efficiently and fast.

3. Connectivity: It wouldn’t be a modern business system if the ability to integrate with other critical business applications wasn’t there. Ease of connectivity to other applications streamlines the integration of EDI data across your supply chain. For example, you can connect dataflows to your CRM or ERP, or expand your online presence with seamless eCommerce or marketplace integration. With a modernized EDI platform, your company is able to create a more comprehensive view of your daily innerworkings through built-in integration capabilities.

Being scalable, flexible and connectable are three benefits your business will see from modernizing your EDI, and regardless of the industry, something every company needs. If your business is missing out on any of these three things, we can help you find the EDI modernization strategy that’s right for you. Contact us today to get started.