Working at ECS

Working for an organisation with a passion for technology.

Why work at ECS?

At ECS we have a passion for technology. In more than twenty years, we have built up a strong position in Europe in data integration and secure file sharing. But it is about much more than technology. We connect man and machine. We think in terms of solutions and try to make a difference for our customers. A characteristic feature of ECS is the short lines of communication, flexible attitude and fast way of working.

You will meet nice colleagues, with humour and passion for their profession. They are creative and innovative, but also down-to-earth. They are enterprising and have a service-oriented DNA. Efficiency and quality are also in our blood: fast and good work are in our genes.

Wat do you want?

If you are looking for a fun, challenging job and want to further develop yourself in secure data communication and integration, you are most welcome to join us. This also applies if you are looking for an inspiring environment to do an internship and gain practical experience.

How do we treat your privacy?

If you apply for a job with us, we will keep your data for up to one month at the latest. We do this digitally. Only employees involved in the recruitment and selection process have access to it. You always have the right to have your personal data deleted. If you would like to know more about our privacy policy, please read more here.

Acquisition in response to a vacancy is not appreciated.

ECS is always looking for talent

ECS International is an expert in digital transformation. Organisations generate more and more data and share more and larger files. They usually do this with different systems that all store and process data in their own way. We ensure that systems inside and outside organisations extract useful information from these files, that they talk to each other in one language. We do this by bringing different connections, data types and protocols together in an environment that best suits the customer: at their own location, in the cloud or in a combination of the two.