Why Start With a Pilot?

Life today is expensive and complex, especially when it comes to business processes. We are bombarded with one 'next best thing' after another, but smaller margins make it difficult to make investments. Running a pilot with X4Connect is therefore a wise decision.

Life today is expensive and complex, especially when it comes to business processes. We are bombarded with one “next best thing” after another like A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), APIs (Application Programming Interface) or, for example, Blockchain.

Those new terms are all nice, but how do these 'new technologies' fit into your organization and are you ready to invest time and effort in this? We understand that this can be very confusing and, above all, overwhelming. In the current world of accelerating developments, inflation and decreasing margins, it is difficult to keep up without having to make large investments at first sight.

Challenges You May Encounter

New technologies and developments also bring challenges. Perhaps you are ready for a new CRM/ERP system, or do you need to invest in a new communication platform because your ftp solution is hopelessly behind? You may be required to do EDI with one Trading Partner while another is trying to persuade you to switch to a connection through a link. APIs? Perhaps you have just taken over another company and are facing the challenges that the software systems are different from the ones you have been using yourself for years?

These challenges may even give you some sleepless nights, because which solution or service should you purchase first? Which challenges have priority? This is often followed by market research and a product comparison in which several providers will try to convince you why their solution should be implemented first in your organization.

Few Investments Opportunities Due to Smaller Margins

One of the best-known sayings is of course “you can only spend your money once” and the smaller margins nowadays have put a lot of pressure on making new investments. We understand this like no other and have therefore started offering a new service in the form of a pilot of our X4Connect platform at a very attractive starting price of 1599 euros.


Our X4Connect platform brings people and business systems together through effective data transformation and fast, secure (and automated) exchange of electronic messages. By running a pilot, we show you where X4Connect helps you to meet your challenges and how you can be completely unburdened for future developments without having to invest heavily in a new solution. This saves costs, time-consuming manual work and you can focus on the growth of your organization.


For more information about X4Connect, click here or contact us today to schedule a pilot. We would like to hear about your challenges and take them on together with you now and in the future.