Why COVID-19 is Accelerating Digital Transformation Even Now!

COVID-19 continues to have a huge impact on our economy. We are preparing for the new 'normal'. What about traditional medium-sized companies? How are you doing? Read on quick.

COVID-19 continues to have a huge impact on our economy. This means that we have to be smart and adapt to ensure that this impact is limited. Companies such as Netflix, HelloFresh, are already fully prepared for the 'new normal'. The choice is large, ordering is fast and the next day delivery! But what about the traditional medium-sized companies in the Netherlands? Are these companies ready for the 'new normal'?

Research has shown that as many as 90% of medium-sized companies are economically affected by COVID-19.

The causes can be found in the changing work situations that everyone finds themselves in. We work more from home, are less accessible and a cup of coffee with a customer or prospect is not always of this time. Fortunately, in our digital society we now have access to, for example, laptops to be able to work from home and programs such as Microsoft Teams to be able to communicate visually with each other. However, not all work can be done from home, which means that work is delayed or delayed.

And This is Precisely Why it is Now Time for the Digital Transformation!

Now this sounds very scary as most companies are just going about their daily business just to stay afloat during COVID-19 and the aftermath. But what would you say if we told you that a lot of profit can be achieved by focusing on digital transformation in this difficult time?

With the right digital transformation, you will:

  • Require less manual data entry and there will also be a significantly lower risk of erroneous entry
  • Spend less time communicating with each other or with your customer/prospect, allowing you to spend your time better
  • Process orders faster
  • Connect customers and/or prospects faster
  • And much more!

So what exactly is digital transformation? Why should I start my business on this? How do I get started with digital transformation? These are just a few examples of questions you might have after reading this blog.

Pedal to the Metal on Digital Transformation

Whether lack of time or knowledge is holding you back from digitally transforming your business, we can help. With years of experience, our expertise can make the journey easier than you ever expected. We have the time, resources and dedication to solve your digitization problems once and for all. Working with a partner during digitization means you don't have to sacrifice those precious hours of the day and can keep doing what you do best while you upgrade your business. Contact us today to see how we can help you with these challenges.