Which is Best for Your Company: Arrange EDI Yourself or Outsource it?

What do you do if your supplier demands EDI from you: do you choose to arrange EDI yourself or do you prefer to outsource it? What's best all depends on your business. Read on to find out how ECS can help you.

In our previous blog we talked about the need to become EDI-Compliant, but what's best for your business?

What do you do if your supplier demands EDI from you: do you choose to arrange EDI yourself or do you prefer to outsource it? First of all, there is no 'best solution' that suits every company. That is why it is good to first determine what your policy is. At ECS International we help to make the best strategic choice. And the good news: if your situation changes, you can easily switch to a new solution with limited investment.

Within the business world, the paper form of documents (such as purchase orders, invoices, packing slips, receipts, customs documents, etc.) is being massively replaced by electronic standards, such as EDI and XML. This is simply our new way of communicating. However, to organize this in the most efficient way, companies must ask themselves an important question: do we choose to arrange EDI ourselves or do we outsource it?

Multiple Solutions

What's best all depends on your business. Is the exchange of documents a daily activity and is there a budget to invest in internal software and communication capabilities? Would you rather have ECS host and maintain your EDI platform, keeping the initial costs low? Or do you prefer a mix of these solutions? At ECS International, all these options are possible.

Flexibility and Scalability

First of all, we help you to determine which option suits your business best. We then ensure that the solution is implemented within a short period of time. From then on you can exchange business information with your business partners in the most secure and effective way. And because we know better than anyone that companies and markets change, we offer flexibility and scalability as standard. Perhaps it is smart to outsource EDI now, but in a few years you will have very different requirements. No problem, then we will set up an EDI environment based on the same software at your location at that time (via an agreed transition period).

Get Rid of Complexity!

Integrating the right EDI solution gives you peace of mind knowing that your business can remain compliant while supporting evolving customer needs. ECS has multiple solutions to meet your needs, including our own X4Connect solution, so you can quickly meet all trading partner requirements to become EDI compliant while we completely unburden you.

If you would like to learn more about our solutions or implement the right EDI solution, please visit our product pages and contact us today.