Top EDI Providers in 2024

In more recent years, Cleo has been recognized as the pioneer and global leader in the fast-growing ecosystem integration software category, as well as being the leading EDI provider. What are the top 5 best EDI providers for 2024 and why should you choose Cleo?

Over the years Cleo has grown to become the de facto leader in B2B integration, data communication and transformation, secure file transfer software, and any-to-any integration. In more recent years, Cleo has been recognized as the pioneer and global leader of the rapidly growing Ecosystem Integration software category, along with being the preeminent EDI provider. 

As Cleo's helped customers migrate from alternative EDI solutions, we have heard plenty of stories from businesses telling us what caused them to switch providers. Many of these complaints are about some of the largest, though not necessarily the best, EDI providers and solutions on the market.

We believe our expertise, innovation, and customer satisfaction provide us with the unique perspective to objectively assess the EDI space. This in mind, we compiled a list of five top EDI providers (ourselves included) that we identified for 2024.

So, What are the Best EDI-providers?

  1. Cleo
  2. SPS Commerce
  3. Boomi
  4. TrueCommerce
  5. OpenText

So Why Choose Cleo?

Cleo is the pioneer and global leader in the Ecosystem Integration software category. Since welcoming new ownership in 2012, we have grown our team to more than 400 employees globally, and now serve and support more than 4,200 customers worldwide. Cleo was founded in 1976, and welcomed new ownership in 2012, accelerating our growth to more than 400 employees globally, and serving more than 4,200 customers worldwide.

EDI is a major aspect of ecosystem integration software. Cleo's flagship product, Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC), is a cloud-based integration platform solution that offers our customers innovative EDI integration capabilities and features that are routinely updated. With B2B EDI integration capabilities, your company can automate B2B and internal communications, therefore streamlining processing and creating more efficient operations. 

Along with EDI integration, CIC also supports additional integration use cases such as API integrations to support eCommerce/marketplace processes, internal and external managed file transfers, and more. CIC was built to help:

  • Streamline revenue-generating business processes (Order-to-Cash, Procure-to-Pay, Load Tender-to-Invoice)
  • Automate batch and real-time ecosystem interaction
  • Deliver persona-based visibility and actionable insights

Implementation Approach

Cleo offers customers varying levels of control over their runtime operations via our assortment of EDI service approaches. This allows customers to choose the level of responsibility and involvement they want over their EDI integration and processes. Our service approaches include:


When it comes to this EDI service option, your company's internal team is responsible for implementing and managing EDI processes. CIC was designed with the user in mind so users of all levels can easily access and navigate the platform. 

Managed Services + Transactional Monitoring and Management

With managed services, Cleo installs and manages your company's EDI processes. Our managed services team has more than 900+ years of combined integration experience, so we can confidently complete any integration request. 

In particular, one of our latest service offerings, transactional monitoring and management (TM&M), offers even greater support than our typical managed services. With our TM&M model, customers receive:

  • Initial migration and EDI implementation
  • Change management and onboarding for trading partners
  • 24/7 operational management
  • Experts at your fingertips
  • Continuous learning and certification

Blended Services

Our most flexible option, blended services, is a combination of self-service and managed services. This approach offers our customers the ability to customize which services remain in-house and which are outsourced. Offering a personalized approach toward achieving EDI compliance.

It is important to note too that customers can switch between service approaches as their business needs evolve. For example, a smaller company just starting with EDI may opt for the managed services approach since they do not have the skills in-house, but as they begin to grow and add team members, they may switch to self-service as they gain new skill sets.

Key Features of Cleo Integration Cloud

  • End-to-end process automation for increased efficiency.
  • Real-time visibility of every EDI transaction so you can remain in control of your business.
  • Any-to-any data transformation enables your business to communicate and integrate with nearly any trading partner.
  • Automated error identification and notifications allow you to jump right into fixing the issues that arise.
  • Pre-built, customizable templates and maps for rapid trading partner onboarding.
  • Widespread protocol support so your business can accommodate EDI trading partners' evolving requirements.
  • A variety of service options, including TM&M (Transaction Monitoring & Management), that fit the needs of your business.
  • Self-service capabilities even when leveraging Cleo to manage integrations.


Cleo is an innovation-driven and customer-focused EDI provider that delivers all the EDI capable functions that companies require, along with additional features that further drive efficiency, agility, control, and visibility. Our all-encompassing, single-platform solution, CIC, along with our team of experts, equip our customers with the resources they need to scale their businesses and operate with a leading EDI software. 

Would you like to know more about how the implementation of the right EDI solution will help you work more efficiently and increase your customer satisfaction? Then contact us today to find out how.