The new heading of ECS

The new heading of ECS: more solutions on the menu. Less reseller, more advisor where our people will make the difference for you! 

The new heading of ECS: more solutions on the menu

ECS International reached a mature age this year but hasn't fisnished growing. The organization is in constant movement and we want to achief a top 3 status in the Netherlands when it comes to Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Founder Ben Rinkel and Managing Director Maja Jonker will unveil how they are planning to achief this growth in this blog: "We will not become an soulless multinational"

Ben Rinkel founded ECS International in 1999 together with current Data Integration Consultant Nijac van Kampen. Both had gathered a tremendous amount of experience in the world of EDI at System Software Associates, a prime supplier of ERP-software (Enterprise Resource Planning). From day one there were 2 things that stould out for us says Rinkel: "To supply a good product and to actually help people"

Less reseller, more advisor

This is still the case, however changes have been put into motion since Maja Jonker joined the team in 2019 (untill then she was active for IMB amongst others). ECS International has become less of a reseller of one favorite Secure Data Communication product (Cleo). In stead we are now serving a multitude of solutions.

“Now we are saying that 'after hearing your story, we advice product A from our portfolio'. We also explain why and why product B would be a great alternative according to Jonker." "We will give you the best advice"

People make the difference

More companies work this way, however ECS makes the difference because of the people working there according to Jonker. "It quickly sounds like a salespitch when you say you are really working with the customer to find the best solution, however that is exactly what we do." "In customer satisfaction surveys we are hailed for our knowledge and the fast, effective way we work and assist" adds Rinkel. "If our solutions don't work it directly impacts the critical company processes. Therefor we have always focus on continuity and quality."

"That's why we are never reluctant to come out of bed earlier or working longer. A customer reached out recently with the question if we could help since he had to wait nine weeks at his current solution provider. Such a long waiting time is unthinkable at ECS. We solve problems directly even if we have to postpone our weekend. We never let you down!"

Strong in complex challenges

Especially when it becomes complex our ECS-experts can show their strengths says Jonker. Rinkel: "Connecting systems for example, is not something most companies can achieve due to a lack of knowledge. If data needs to be transfered externally, you want to send and receive documents with your trading partners without any complications, we will make it happen. We let systems communicate with each other in the matter of hours or days. If you need to do that yourself, it could take you weeks."

ECS is a relative small organization which values personal contact. Because our employees know what's going on they can adjust faster and help you better. "With an implementation we won't stop till everyting works at full satisfaction" says Jonker. "Our support is always available afterwards. Our main goal is that we help customers in the same way we want to be helped ourselves."

Groing by remaining small

That's the mentality Jonker wants to cling on to for the future. "Groing while maintaining every good aspect about being a smaller company. We are not planning on becoming a company for the masses."

Rinkel is clear on the ambitions of ECS: "Our strength in the Pharmacy has already proven it's value and we are striving to be become the marketleader in that sector in the next few years. In the Netherlands we want to breach the top 3 in EDI. That's why we are always thinking of ways to implement new developments to help our customers even better. We want to live up to our slogan on the website, that we are your parnter in Data-Transformation, -Integration and -Communication. We work together so our customers can save time and have less things to worry about, that's our goal. If we succeed in achieving that goal we will drink champagne with them while enjoying a piece of pie, but only if we succeed!"

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