Smart Manufacturing Will Shape Your Future

Many have heard the phrase “4th Industrial Revolution” before and now IoT is picking up more pace than ever. What's this concept of "Internet of Things" and how will it influence the Manufacturing sector?

Many have heard the phrase “4th Industrial Revolution” before and we have talked about one of the main goals in our last blog, namely “Collecting Data is Not the Goal”. Now we want to address the concept of “The Internet of Things” which is picking up pace at a very high rate.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere you turn, devices ranging from the simple (smart doorbell) to the complex (shipment tracking system with multiple sensors) are connected by a sophisticated network that uploads information to the internet and securely routes it to companies worldwide. Data is moved seamlessly from point to point. The IoT promises to revolutionize supply chain management and manufacturing operations! Actionable data for every task will be delivered timely to all who need to know.

Transformation into Smart Manufacturing

When IoT is implemented correctly it has the potential to transform your manufacturing operations into Smart Manufacturing. As discussed in our previous blog you will be able to collect streams of data and with the help of IoT this can happen in real-time! Multiple factories can be linked together in one system with great benefits. Instead of one factory changing its production schedule to meet demand, factories may be able to “communicate” with one another to request materials or items as needed. Getting insight in suppliers stock, real-time data from each piece of manufacturing equipment are a couple of these benefits.

You Have the Data Pieces; Now How do You Connect These Data Pieces?

Okay, you have upgraded to Smart Manufacturing and your company is connected to the IoT. As discussed in our previous blog it’s not the amount of data you collect but how you analyze that data. Before we can analyze the data collected from the IoT we have to make sure that within your company, systems can connect and communicate. The best way to do this is to integrate every system and department output into one system that will give you the best visibility. By doing this you will gain an accurate “big picture” view of your company which then can be analyzed correctly and can then be distilled into smaller data pictures for decision-making. Managing stock levels and machine capacity are just a few examples.

The Right Integration Solution Will Help You Shape the Future

Putting all of this information together to form a cost-effective, productive solution for your business doesn’t have to be confusing. ECS can assist you as we have more than 20 years of experience in the field of Data Integration. We want you to gain true Smart Manufacturing by helping you to connect all the necessary dots and give you the best possible “big picture” view so you can shape the future of your company! Our Data Integration Solutions will provide you one system where all the different data streams are connected and give you that necessary visibility. Contact us today to find out more.