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Royal Talens

Working with an IT-partner that can easily adapt to the circumstances, is what Kerkhof truly appreciates in working with ECS International.

They are on the top of my list

With customers all around the world, a good functioning ordering system is indispensable. “The solutions that ECS International offered us, have made it so much easier for us to act quickly,” tells Mart Kerkhof, Manager I&A at Royal Talens in Apeldoorn. “If I need any advice, I will call them.”

Royal Talens is a multinational player in the world of painting and drawing supplies. The global sales market demands that orders are processed quickly, but also to make sure that the right order is with the right distribution facility. “We have DC’s in Spain, Switzerland and the US, so we can attend to our customers’ needs as fast as possible.”


Kerkhof has been working quite a few years at Royal Talens and together with ECS International implemented the EDI solutions in the business processes. “I have known the MD, Ben Rinkel, for years – come to think of it, almost 25 years now; how time flies – so when we wanted to implemented a new EDI system at Royal Talens, I contacted ECS International to help realise that goal. Together we made the switch of using expensive VANS to using the AS2-protocol based VLTrader-systems and also integrated that with our ERP-system. That made for an enormous cost-reduction and gave us the certainty of a secured Managed Transfer System for our data traffic.”

Act instantly

The bulk of data customers of Royal Talens send via VLTrader orders and receive packing lists and invoices. Since large clients have their own rules for data transfer, implementing those rules in the EDI-systems is something Kerkhof and his team works a lot on. That means they are dependent on the clients’ wishes and their timelines. “Our customers determine the pace of the EDI-projects we work on. That means that sometimes you have to act swift and instantly. With ECS international we have a partner that can act at that same speed,” Kerkhof continues. “Our IT-department is relatively small. So it is really good to know that you have a partner that is available when you need them. Also if there is a technical issue, for instance because of a new configuration in our EDI-system, there are right there to help us out.”

Number one

When it comes to new developments or new solutions, Kerkhof is also very clear: “If I have a problem, ECS will be the first I will call. For instance, were are looking to see if we can connect our ERP-system with the systems of Amazon by using API’s for the information exchange. Ben and his team are there to think with us about the implications and solutions of that.” Their partnership works both ways in this sense. “On the other hand, if ECS International thinks they have something that will benefit our company and the way we use our EDI and ERP systems, they will call me to let me know,” elaborates Kerkhof. “Unfortunately I do not always have the time to really get in to it, to be honest. Otherwise we would have had more solutions of ECS implemented by now.”

Working with an IT-partner that can easily adapt to the circumstances, is what Kerkhof truly appreciates in working with ECS International. “Our IT-department has a down-to-earth, hands-on mentality and the ECS team have to. That is why we really work together. If that is a way of doing things you like, then I know it will work for you company as well. They are truly on the top of my list!”

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