Pedal to the Metal on Digital Transformation

Nowadays Digital Technology is everywhere and changed our lives for good. Transport & logistics organizations have seen major shifts due to more people having access to computers for everyday work, but how can you make use of the data this provides?

Nowadays Digital Technology is everywhere and changed our lives for good. Industries like healthcare, education and Transport & logistics have seen major shifts due to more people having access to computers for everyday work. Designated apps, online stores or even on-demand transportation like Uber to get you to the airport, digital technologie provided us with better options while presenting opportunities to businesses at a lower cost than ever before. 

Apart from the traditional business benefits that organizations can get by implementing digital transformation, there are other critical areas where digital transformation has been critical in supporting the Transport & Logistics sector. For example, digitization has helped bring a lot of transparency in the this sector, which had been lacking on many levels because of non-digital methods used for operation.

Digitization is the Future of Transportation

Digitalization has helped in integrating the various stakeholders involved in transportation. It has also increased the efficiency and lowered the cost while keeping customer satisfaction high. However, despite several positive impacts of digitalization, a few areas still need digital transformation to take place for better results.

Sustainable and Green Mobility

With more and more people and transport organizations switching to electric vehicles, Digital Transformation has also played an important role in making this transition possible. The future of sustainable and green mobility will be heavily digitized, and it will help improve the industry further. With the vehicles themselves also providing critical data now, organizations can make critical decisions based on real-time facts which wasn’t possible before in the Transport & Logistics sector.

Digital Trends in Transport & Logistics

There have been various Digital Trends to spot in Transport & Logistics which will have a massive impact on the future, let’s look at a few:

  • Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in Transport & Logistics: The emergence of AI has revolutionized business practices by analyzing data with greater precision than humans can do. AI-based systems like machine learning or deep learning are crucial for secure transactions such as banking, where fraud detection is crucial.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) in Transport & Logistics: It helps businesses use real-time data (or near real-time) to improve processes, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and provide better services. It also helps to manage networks where many devices/vehicles need to be managed efficiently. 
  • Cloud-Based Systems: By using cloud storage, it's easier to manage all kinds of data, including structured or unstructured ones, which will be crucial for smart city projects. In addition, cloud storage solutions allow enterprises to improve their service delivery by integrating other connected devices such as customer devices, distribution centers, etc.
  • Smart Connected Vehicles: There will be extensive use of connected vehicles in the future, bringing about a greater level of efficiency in operations. In addition, the data collected from various connected vehicles can be made accessible through virtual mobility services and help organizations optimize their business strategies depending on market demand, fuel prices, or even accidents along the route.
  • Location-based Services: Organizations have been collecting location data for years, but its application was not widespread due to a lack of tools for gathering, sharing, analyzing, and understanding this information. Organizations will be able to use customer's locations on the map to help them understand how and when they can get their orders.

Data, Data and more Data

To stay competitive in the Transport & Logistics sector you will need to implement at least one of the trends mentioned above. The benefits gain by implementing one of these Digital Trends are great and will your efficiency by a great deal, however they also provide more Data than you might have been used to up until now. This Data provides you with the tools needed to make better & smarter decisions and optimize your strategies. But how do you gather this Data, how do you turn this in usefull information and is all the Data in the same 'Digital Language'? 

A lot of organizations lack the manpower and/or knowledge to have all internal processes and solutions work in unison and make the most use of the Data that is being provided. If you knew there was a way to fix your problems, why would you put it off? For most logistics companies, the sheer volume of work and tasks required to keep your company running stops you from investing time in digitizing your business. This is a rather ironic problem, as not having time means its impossible to make time, but if time is invested in the process, it will actually be a time saver in the end.

We'll Help You Push the Pedal to the Metal!

Whether lack of time or lack of knowledge are holding you back from digitally transforming your business, we can help. With years of experience working with logistics companies, our expertise can make the journey easier than you would have ever expected. We have the time, the resources, and the dedication to solve your digitization problems once and for all. Working with a partner during digitization means you don’t have to sacrifice those precious hours of the day and can continue doing what you do best while upgrading your business. Contact us today to see how we can assist you in these challenges.