ECS is a Partner in the Pharma Alliance

The pharmaceutical alliance is a network of collaborating companies that provide high-quality services and products to the pharmaceutical sector, healthcare and biotechnology. ECS is happy to contribute to this.

What Exactly is the Pharma Alliance?

The Pharma Alliance started in 2022 with the idea of ​​having a number of companies work together more intensively to help customers even better. Each partner shares the same philosophy, which quickly created support for this collaboration.

The Mission

What we often see with large projects is that it never immediately encompasses the total picture. If a new laboratory needs to be built, who will provide the equipment? Which party provides the right clothing? Which software systems are needed to get everything running and how do we ensure that all these processes run as efficiently as possible? What do we do with the data created here? etc

By seeking collaboration earlier in the process, clients have to spend less time on purchasing processes. This shortens lead times and communication lines. This allows us, together with other partners, to offer the complete solution for a project in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our ultimate goal: cost savings!

There is Always an Specialist!

The Pharma Alliance network consists of specialized companies from every conceivable field. There is always an expert available for you and as a Data Integration specialist we wanted to commit ourselves to this.

The current network has experts in the field of:

  • Data integration
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Pharma airfreight
  • Laboratory furnishings
  • Gas detection & distribution
  • Consultancy
  • Classified buildings
  • Laboratory equipment
  • GDP transport and storage
  • Storage of hazardous substances

Why ECS?

We believe that every organization should be able to have all essential internal and external applications communicate seamlessly throughout the entire chain. Our mission is to enable organizations to make this entire process seamless and be adaptive for future innovations. We help our customers to exchange data quickly and securely. In this way we increase their competitiveness. Since 1999, we have more than a thousand successful implementations to our name, including in pharmaceuticals, transport and logistics, retail and wholesale.

Our Business Developer Patrick Spruit also answered the question why ECS was happy to join the Pharma Alliance:

“We believe that you can add unique value from your own organization and that you maximize that effect by working together with complementary, like-minded companies.”


Whether you have questions about Healthcare, Biotechnology, Data Integration/transformation/communication or anything else in the Pharmaceutical industry at the Pharma Alliance we have the answer. For more information, you can also visit the new website of the Pharma Alliance. If you would like to know more about our experience in the pharmaceutical industry, please visit our own website or view our success stories in the references. Our X4Connect platform is ideally suited for any challenge you may face and we have already connected more than 170 parties in the Pharma industry. Contact us today for more information or call 0229-574331.