ECS Expands its Data Integration Team With Anton Ras

We are delighted to welcome Anton Ras to our team in the role of Data Integration Specialist to focus on growing ECS ​​and assisting our customers to reach a higher level through Data Integration.

ECS Welcomes Anton Ras to Join Our Ranks as a Data Integration Specialist

It bring us great pleasure to introduce you to Anton Ras who has joined ECS as a Data Integration Specialist. With his help our goal is to increase our capacity, grow on the European Market, and help our customers reach an even higher level through Data Integration optimization. Anton brings experience and most of all enthousiasme to the table that fits in well with the rest of our team and together we can achieve our goals.

About Anton RasS

"The name is Ras, Anton Ras, a South African programmer that has a license to code and apparently a James Bond Fan. My journey with ECS started in January 2022 when they contacted me. After the first interview with ECS, I got a good picture of what ECS does and how their processes work. I just knew I had to be there and learn all the new technologies they have and offer the clients.

When I officially started working for ECS I was very excited. Everyone in the company made me feel welcome, assisted me every step of the way and gave me a warm welcome when I landed in the Netherlands. Many people have asked me what made you take the huge step? Are you not afraid it would not work out with the company? My answer to that question is, if a company treats every client with respect and listens to them, wants to build a stronger relationship with them and not just treat them as numbers does that not say a lot about a company? My colleagues go out of there way to assist me and answer all of my questions no matter how weird they are.

ECS brings a lot of solutions for clients to the table in the world of data integration, transformation and secure communication. They are able to build solutions and test it before deployment rapidly. What I would like to bring to the table is exactly that. Build a relationship with clients as a Data Integrations Specialist. Helping them find the best solution for any data integration, transformation or movement of files/data fast and reliably. I can learn a lot from ECS and I am looking forward to do so and working for them into the future that is to come."

About ECS

ECS International is the expert in the field of Enterprise Application Integration and the secure exchange of data. We build strong and secure integrations between applications, help our customers work more efficiently, improve their service and the speed with which they can do business with their own customers, suppliers and business partners.

ECS International is not only a technology supplier, our consultants also have in-depth knowledge of Data Integration processes, applications and EDI/XML implementations. With this knowledge, we are able to optimize your business processes through technology. We think in solutions, not challenges and we always deliver what we promise.