Don't Let Punch-out Knock You Out!

Now that web shops are becoming more and more commonplace, gaining a competitive advantage is even more important. One of the developments that will help you with this is the Punch-out technology, but how does this work and how do you implement this technology in your eco-system?

We hear it more and more in the world of E-Commerce, the Punch-Out! But what exactly is it and how does it work?

More and more manufacturers, companies, shops are starting a webshop to make their own life and that of their buyers easier. Online shops have of course been around for years, so how can you distinguish yourself from the competition? An important development is the Punch-Out.

What is Punch-out and What Benefits Does it Give Me?

The punch-out technique in webshops refers to a process whereby the users of a purchasing system, such as a purchase order system (PO-system), can "punch out" from their own system to a supplier's webshop to purchase products or services.

Supporting punch-out is important because it provides several benefits:

  1. Efficiency: Punch-out eliminates the need for users to manually enter product information into their purchasing system. They can simply go to the supplier webshop and select the desired products. This saves time and reduces errors that can occur when entering data manually.
  2. Purchasing compliance: By supporting punch-out, companies can enforce the procurement rules and procedures established in their procurement system. Users are guided to approved suppliers and products, improving compliance with procurement policies.
  3. Real-time price and stock information: Punch-out allows users to access a supplier's most recent pricing and inventory information. This ensures that they always have up-to-date information when placing their orders.
  4. Improved customerexperience: Supporting punch-out provides users with a seamless experience between their purchasing system and the supplier web store. They can easily navigate, find products and place orders, improving their overall experience.

In short, supporting the punch-out technique in webshops is important because it ensures efficiency, compliance with purchasing rules, real-time information and a better customer experience. It enables companies to streamline the procurement process and increase productivity.

Implement Immediatly?

Now you may think that you should immediately get started with Punch-Out and we only welcome this as it provides many benefits for you and your (business) customers. To implement this immediately, it is important to know which language your ERP system speaks and also that of your Trading Partner(s). There are various standards available, including cXML, OCI, OAGIS and your current ERP system may not support the correct standard to enable Punch-out, what then?

The Punch-out Translator

The best way to solve this challenge is to apply the right Data Integration and Data Transformation strategy. Our X4Connect solution offers you the possibility to securely and automatically connect the information from your systems, the webshop, the chosen punch-out connector seamlessly with each other and to have it communicated in the same language. We call this the “PunchOut Translator” service and it offers you the possibility to still offer punch-out to your customers without having to invest in a completely new ERP package.


Data Integration and Data Transformation enables you to make informed decisions, plan accurately and implement punch-out. This allows you to gain a competitive advantage and maximize your sales.

ECS International can assist in this by asking the right questions and implementing the correct Data Integration and transformation strategy and solution based on that. Take control of these challenges today and contact us via our contact form or at +31229-574331.

Furthermore, we now offer our X4Connect Pilot at a very attractive rate so that you do not immediately have to make a large investment without proof that it works. See our special X4Connect page for this.