Data Connections Change the Way you Work

We have already discussed in several blogs how important it is to share data securely to optimize processes. Certainly in the transport & logistics sector, it is very important to exchange data quickly and securely so that all processes run as efficiently as possible. But how do we do this?

We have already discussed in several blogs how important it is to share data securely to optimize processes. This is important for all companies of all sizes and in every industry, but especially in Transport and Logistics. The faster and safer important data can be shared, the more efficiently logistics can do its job, the fewer lorries will drive almost empty on the road and transport routes can be better planned. A Data Integration Platform will take your organization to the next level.

Connections are Gold!

One of the newest and best options to let your company share data and communicate efficiently with trading partners is to use the Data Integration Platform and make the right connections. Flexibility and the possibility for tailor-made connections are just some of the advantages of our X4Connect solution. There are several ways in which X4Connect changes the way you work. The big advantage is the way our connections work, with X4connect we never have to develop a connection completely new and we can connect your Trading Partner faster.

Safe and Automatic Data Sharing

In addition to quickly connecting your Trading Partners, X4Connect also offers full Data Transformation functionality. Effective data transformation enables fast, automated exchange of electronic messages, with internal and external partners. X4Connect quickly converts data to any desired format. This saves costs, time-consuming manual work and reduces the risk of errors and delays.

When all steps of Data Transformation and setting up the right Connection have been completed, users will see how all these data connections change their way of working: Orders are processed faster, trucks never run empty and important data will not disappear among all papers.

Make Your Own Connections, or Outsource it

Although it is of course possible to set up a connection yourself via, for example, an FTP solution, this is less secure and will only work for the most simple data exchanges. But if you're working with hundreds of different connections, each with their own format and protocol, we recommend taking the help of our experts if you want to make sure each connection is properly regulated and tuned. There is a big difference between simply sharing status updates of your orders, sharing the contents of a container, its expiration dates and other crucial data, and that affects the integration and use of the connector. In the second case, there are various solutions to exchange data freely and securely.

Automation is the Key to Success

On land, at sea and in the air; there is not a single company that is not influenced by the logistics sector. With our background in IT for logistics companies, we know what it takes to continue the digital transformation. By implementing our X4Connect solution, you can be sure that you can exchange data securely and fully automatically. This gives your organization a major boost in efficiency, your employees can focus on their core tasks again and your customer satisfaction will increase.

Do you also want to gain more control over your connections and share your data securely? Contact us today to see how we can help you with these challenges.