2022, What an Eventful Year it Was... Time for a Look Back, but We're Looking Forward Most of All!

Time for a look back, but we mainly look forward! What has stayed with us, what have we been proud of in 2022 and what are our plans for 2023?

2022, what an eventful year it was... Time for a look back, but we're looking forward most of all!

Who would have thought that after COVID-19 the world would be gripped by a war? 2021 was the year of creativity and flexibility because we work hybridly and the word home office became 'normal'. 2022 was especially the year of conviction and supporting our existing and new customers. Because everything in the world started to become more expensive, we mainly looked for ways in which we could support our customers in automating various processes so that money could be saved. Our aim for 2022 was therefore to make our customers' lives easier and, above all, to unburden them.

We can therefore say that we are proud of the results achieved last year despite all the obstacles that we (and the whole world) have encountered. Our aim for high customer satisfaction has once again been achieved, we have completed great projects and welcomed a number of new customers. In addition, we were able to strengthen our team last year, we entered into new partnerships that support us perfectly and we therefore look forward to 2023 with fresh energy!

2022 was also the year that we were able to slowly visit our customers and prospects again, taking our power of customer contact and support to an even higher level. We were also able to underline this by our ISO 27001 certification, which we proudly express. Partly because of this certification, we can show the outside world that we have all risks in the field of information security under control.

Our mission for 2023 is therefore to further improve our customer relationships and to grow ECS. We do not shy away from a challenge and we want to show everyone that ECS is the partner when it comes to Data Communication, Transformation and Integration. We will no longer just supply goods and services to close a hole in the dam (read challenge), but we will take a deeper look together with you and other customers and look for the cause of those challenge(s). We will act as an advisor where our people will make the difference for you!

Thanks to the cooperation we have with our partners Boomi, Cleo, Flame and GoAnywhere, we look forward to a bright future. This gives us even more solutions at our disposal that we can offer on a silver platter. Our mentality will never change. The customer comes first and we want to grow big by staying small. Therefore, never shy away from picking up the phone and approaching us. We will be fully ready for you again in 2023!

For now, we have no choice but to wish you and your loved ones a happy and prosperous 2023. We therefore thank you for the confidence you have shown in ECS in 2022 and we hope to be able to grow further together with you in 2023.