ISHARE is a neutral logistics information platform, where public and private parties in the transfer sector share data. They have made uniform arrangements for identification, authentication and authorisation. This enables participants to plan better, coordinate capacity in the chain and monitor freight more accurately.

Easily share logistics data

iSHARE is a set of arrangements that helps to share data in a uniform, simple and controlled way. This enables partners in a logistics chain to coordinate services quickly and efficiently. When, for example, a container arrives at the port, it has to be transported further by road. In order to have a truck available on time, information must be passed on through the phone, e-mail or uploaded, while it is usually already digitally available somewhere. Organisations that have an iSHARE identity give each other secure direct access to this information.

By making agreements about identification, authentication and authorisation, you, as owner of logistic data, always have the certainty that data will only be accessed by organisations you trust. You can also stop access to data at any time. Through standardised communication between systems, organisations can also easily exchange data with partners they do not yet know.

With iSHARE Connector from ECS International you can also participate in the set of agreements. Optimisation of the chain helps to reduce congestion and CO2 emissions.

How ECS International will help you

ECS International is the certified, international implementation partner of iSHARE. ECS is also the official help desk for implementation support.

How iSHARE certification

Om veilig en vertrouwd data over vracht te delen, dient iedereen gecertificeerd te zijn. ECS International helpt om samen het proces dat hier voor nodig is te doorlopen.

Back-end integration

ECS International integrates your data streams with the iSHARE network with iSHARE Connector. If you do not have a data integration tool, we can help you to communicate with your ERP systems.

iSHARE connection

We install the iSHARE connection at your location to connect you to the iSHARE network.


We provide support on the iSHARE Connector, whether you choose on-premise or the cloud. We work on location and remotely.

iSHARE Connector on-premise

  • The data integration software package offers possibilities to develop your own connections with other systems, by means of APIs and transformation functions. This allows you to automate business processes;
  • Help in obtaining the iSHARE certificate;
  • Support from ECS International.

iSHARE Connector in the cloud

  • Semi-automatic integration with your freight information database;
  • Delivery of freight data in any format (e.g. Excel, xml, EDI, or e-mail);
  • No technical knowledge required.



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