Flame Message Server

FMS stands for Flame Message Server: a Managed File Transfer solution that works safely and reliably and is completely independent of the content of the data to be exchanged (content neutral).

AS4 and ebMS V3.0

Flame is a developer of Managed File Transfer solutions based on AS4 and ebMS V3.0. These are communication protocols for the secure transmission of any type of data. These products are certified by the independent Drummond Group. This guarantees that they not only comply with privacy legislation, but also with standards for allowing systems to work together without restrictions.

What are the features?

A feature of Flame Message Server is that it bundles data of different formats into a single package. This is transferred securely and encrypted. FMS supports numerous open web protocols, such as OASIS ebXML, Ms V3 and AS4, RosettaNet RNIF V2 and EPP.

Flame is also certified for CEF, eSence, ENTSOG and PEPPOL.

Robust management interface

Other Flame products (AS4 Light Client and Light Client API) help to quickly set up AS4 connections. This makes for a great solution if a partner wants to exchange data in this way. The Flame Message Server Management Console is a robust management interface to closely monitor the configuration, activities and processes of the FMS Server and the AS4 Light Client.



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