Data integration is the collection, merging and presentation of data from different sources in one place. This provides more overview and new insights. Another important advantage is that efficiency and flexibility increase, partly due to a faster data transfer.

Get more useful information from data

Collecting and merging data (data integration) is becoming increasingly important at a time when organisations are in the midst of digital transformation. They use more and more apps and internet-connected devices. As a result, they generate large volumes of data, which are stored in different locations: on-premise, in the cloud and on devices.

This leads to an unclear situation in which a lot of valuable information remains hidden in separate systems. Good ecosystem integration and effective data transformation make it easy for systems to exchange data. All information is collected on a dashboard. Clear graphs and tables provide clear, new insights.

The advantages

The main advantages of an advanced data integration solution:

  • Faster data transfer;
  • Safer and more controlled data transfer;
  • Faster and better insight through a 360-degree view of all data;
  • Make better-informed decisions.

Incorporating all applications, data and external interfaces in a single system does not require any programming work. This reduces implementation time and reduces costs.

Application integration

Standard, pre-configured connectors for commonly used (cloud) applications and platforms ensure even faster, easier and problem-free integration. Applications work more easily with for example PayPal, Shopify, Salesforce, AWS, SAP, Hadoop and Cloudera.

Standard X4Connect connectors with companies such as Sligro, Ahold, Brocacef and Kruidvat provide quick and easy onboarding of partners. Our solutions offer a wide range of connectors to link to applications in the cloud.

Connectors also enable you to transfer 'big data' faster via data pipelines. The software eliminates many manual steps required to transfer data from one system to another. Multiple streams can be processed simultaneously. Data pipelines offer full control, security and flexibility. For example, business critical data can be stored within the firewall of the company network, while data transfer is controlled from the cloud.


The B2B Enterprise Data Integration Suite helps to exchange data quickly and securely in any format. This concerns both data that a company exchanges with business partners, and data between applications. But perhaps even more important, B2B applications, increasing volumes of data and the cloud all connect in one place. The advantages are clear: you are 'in control’ because you can see at a glance whether your data have arrived on time and in the agreed manner. Due to its high scalability, the suite is a suitable solution for organisations of all sizes that want to exchange data quickly, securely and in a controlled manner.

Big Data integration

Big data is a collective term for all data that organisations generate day in, day out. Purchase data, invoices, mileage statements, reports, etc. It is a challenge to extract the relevant information from that volume of data, which helps to remain competitive.

Data-driven working is the way to work more efficiently, save costs and increase turnover. A strategy is required to really make data the driving force for business processes and decisions. A modern platform for data integration helps with this.

Big data gathered in one place is best used for business intelligence. Predictive analyses are an example of this. A platform also automates processes, making it easier to comply with policy rules. In customer management, big data integration helps to get a more complete picture of customers, better predict behaviour and optimise customer retention strategies.

Data integration services

ECS International's data integration services help organisations to link their applications. In combination with data transformation, this enables the exchange of electronic messages in any format, between internal departments and with external partners.

Other advantages are more efficient operations, control of different (cloud) systems and faster implementation of new applications and integrations.

For our services, we engage experienced experts who, depending on the project, work on location or remotely. We can also support you with consultants, project managers and programmers.



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