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Few parties supply stable and reliable software such as Cleo Communications. Cleo's solutions for the secure transfer of data from one system to another (Managed File Transfer) are user-friendly and have a short implementation time.

Managed File Transfer

Organisations are exchanging more and more data. Moreover, files are becoming larger. This requires software that guarantees a fast and reliable data transfer. There are only few companies in the world of Managed File Transfer that are as well equipped for this as Cleo Communications.

Accelerated Data Exchange

Cleo software is robust, stable and reliable. Cleo Communications' solutions make it easy to add new partners and easily handle peak loads in file transfers. They even accelerate data exchange and enable you to track orders throughout the system. Cleo is certified by the independent Drummond Group, an additional guarantee that gives you secure connections.

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Integration Cloud

Data movement

CIC Express

Why Secure Communication is Key for Businesses

Secure data flow doesn’t need to be complicated. Whether you’re sending an invoice, patient data, or order information, sending one invoice is easy. Now sending hundreds of invoices to suppliers around the world can be just as simple. Meeting each vendor’s individual requirements, mandates, and schedules can get complicated quickly. That’s exactly why Cleo LexiCom is key. It ensures you are able to do business when and where you need to via internet file transfer. Internet communications are changing the way we do business at a rapid pace. It’s time you had a rapid and secure communication solution to make sure you can connect today and into the future – well in advance of any security breach that could have a damaging effect on your business. Cleo LexiCom makes it easy. And, easy leaves you in compliance with all of your assets protected.

Client and Partner Ready

Easy and rapid implementation allows most users to be up and running in 30 minutes.

  • We do the work for you. With more than 800 preconfigured connections, you can connect to popular trading networks immediately, including: Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Honda, and more.
  • Leverage existing technology including EDI translators, operating systems and IT infrastructures to guarantee you’ve optimized your resources.
  • Manage partner relationships more efficiently with fullfeatured Certificate Management to complete the audit trails you need.
  • Optimize scheduling with Cleo LexiCom’s Integrated Scheduler, removing bottlenecks and simplifying workflows.
  • Proven and tested in more than 100,000 installations and backed by Drummond Group certification, you can be sure that you are in compliance.

Putting secure file transfer to work for you



Automatic alerts

Closed audit trail

Growing with Cleo LexiCom

Manage your data exchanges. Don't let them manage you

In a business environment that is full of mergers and acquisitions and technology consolidations, data management is critical. The need for an easy and manageable way to keep control becomes more and more apparent. Enterprise Managed file transfer is one of the easiest ways to get your data under control, ensuring it’s secure while in transit – every step of the way. Cleo VLTrader provides security at the highest level while also providing visibility to transactions. Meet necessary compliance and regulatory standards, manage your data exchanges with 100% uptime, merge disparate systems to create a seamless flow of information, and position your enterprise for growth. Cleo VLTrader allows you to manage your data exchanges through secure, multi-industry protocols. The increased security in Cleo VLTrader also resolves ad hoc communication issues, including large files or attachments containing sensitive information. Cleo VLTrader gives you visibility to support your secure communications. You’ll know to where and to whom your company data is being sent, while meeting audit and reporting standards required for corporate communications. Current practices of sending missioncritical data via email or FTP server are convenient, yet leave much to be desired in the realm of security. These unsecured and varying methods of communication put your data at risk.

Integration and growth are easy

Efficiency and growth are key concerns to businesses in a global market. Cleo VLTrader’s flexibility allows you to easily integrate with back-end systems like EDI translators and databases, or application-to-application – migrating those legacy systems into a secure and automated file transfer system. This management of internal and external communications creates a seamless workflow with greater reliability. VLStat provides real-time visibility to all transfers and data exchanges taking place – creating efficiency like never before and resulting in avoidance of fines due to SLAs, payment delays, and performance gaps. Growth is easy with more than 800 preconfigured connections. Cleo VLTrader enables you to on-board new partners quickly and securely – faster than ever before. Not only will you have more control over your trading partners you’ll be able to provide them with tools that make it advantageous to do business with you. Partner access can be given through VLPortal – a Web Portal that requires no investment on the part of your trading partner and makes doing business with you an easy decision. Easily customized, VLPortal can be accessed from anywhere, representing your brand and ensuring the data you receive is managed from start to finish. Securely. Reliably. Quickly. When more control is desired, Cleo VLTrader’s Community Management functionality is just as easy. Your entire partner network will benefit from increased efficiencies, increased reliability, elimination of downtime, increased security, and minimized risk, all while expanding your opportunity for growth and meeting the governance and regulation that your business demands. Cleo VLTrader is easy to roll out, easy to manage, and helps you reduce additional costs.

Your benefits with VLTrader

Growth is easy

Web Portal

Seamless workflow

What you will gain

Remove complexity and take control of your data integration

In a business environment where growth is fueled by new markets, new lines of business, mergers, and acquisitions, companies are faced with the daunting challenge of how to support growth while managing a complex “spaghetti” infrastructure. Enterprise integration enables you to get your data under control with the governance and security you require, while also supporting the scalability and reliability needs of your business. The Cleo Harmony® enterprisescale solution ensures the security and visibility of end-to-end data integration flows necessary to meet compliance and regulatory requirements. It also enables 100% uptime and seamless integration of disparate systems to ensure you can adapt and grow with the business.

Move View Act

Most integration solutions in the marketplace focus exclusively on moving the data. With the Cleo Harmony solution, you also get the ability to view and act on the data that runs your business in order to increase efficiency and eliminate downtime. You can monitor and track performance metrics from both an IT and business perspective, as well as act on data via reports and dashboards based on your business needs. Leadership in today’s informationoverload mode of business requires the ability to quickly filter the right information, detect changing conditions, and predict outcomes. By putting Move View Act™ power to work in your company, you are enabling faster and more informed decision-making to be a critical success factor.

The benefits of Harmony

Adapt to Business Needs

Enable B2B and Application Integration

Easy Partner Enablement

The Reliability You Need

With the Cleo Harmony solution, you can:

Accelerate results for B2B, application, data, cloud integration

The Cleo Clarify solution is platform-independent integration middleware that tackles a wide variety of business integration without coding. It supports B2B, application, data, and cloud integration with one investment in middleware, tools, and skills. Cleo Clarify is designed to replace conventional EDI translators, mapping tools, XML integrators, data integration tools, and web services toolkits. It integrates seamlessly with your existing applications, data, and business processes. You can use Cleo Clarify to create simple, any-to-any data connections that automate parts of larger processes, or to implement longer, more complex integration applications that sync in-house application software, trading partners, cloud applications and services, and business data resources, in any combination.

Integration automates businesses

Integrating and automating business processes that support sales operations, procurement, transportation, logistics, and other business functions is a cornerstone of modern business. Common examples include:

  • Automating the processing of orders, invoices, ship notices, and other business transactions
  • Automating responses to on- demand requests for product availability, pricing, and the status of orders, shipping, and other processes
  • Automating the synchronization of business data with software-as-a- service (SaaS) applications, external partners, and offline analysis and reporting databases
  • Automating inter-application processes by detecting and responding to application events

The benefits of automating such activities are compelling. Automation cuts processing costs, errors, and latency by replacing manual processes. It boosts business throughput and capacity, making more efficient use of existing resources. It improves the consistency and predictability of business process results. And it enables resource-constrained businesses to sustain volumes and service levels that were once exclusive to much larger companies.

Cleo Clarify at a glance


Faster results


Increased business efficiency

Improves customer service levels

Reduces time

Offers package options

24x7 operability

Cleo Clarify enables your goals

B2B, application, cloud, and data lake integration that ... never stops

The Cleo Integration Cloud (CIC) platform provides self-service and managed services experiences for business and technical users to build, control, and monitor any multi-enterprise, application, cloud, and data lake integration process. CIC shields users from the complexity of integration activities so they can more easily manage and track realtime data transactions across all internal information sources, partners, and consumers.

One platform to connect, integrate, control, track

Cleo provides more control, with more flexibility, over all critical integration processes. The Cleo Integration Cloud is built as one complete platform, hosted on your cloud or ours, with the automated tools and intuitive controls you need to easily connect and consolidate systems, applications, clouds, people, and processes. 

With CIC, organizations gain:

  • MFT-based content routing with agile connectors and deep protocol support
  • Powerful any-to-any data transformation and orchestration engine
  • Scalability to support any B2B, application, cloud, and data lake integration
  • An API-powered self-service portal for customer, partner, and supplier networks
  • Central control for multi-enterprise data governance, visibility, and administration

Self-service or Managed integration



Your Cloud or Ours

Do business faster with simplified, accelerated integration

Take Data Movement to a Whole New Level

As the complexity of your ecosystem increases, so does the pressure put on your business to support seamless trading partner connectivity and file transfers. Rising cost and ongoing maintenance of on-premises B2B infrastructure raise barriers to business that make it harder to efficiently scale and secure the movement of data. Adding such unnecessary strain to operations ultimately increases risk to your bottom line. Express allows you to quickly instrument cloud-based file transfers, connecting all your trading partners to core business systems for complete automation, auditability, and control across every file transfer process. 

One solution for a complete AS2-FTP-SFTP gateway

Express from Cleo gives you a complete AS2-FTP-SFTP gateway – with all the capabilities you need to streamline your file transfers in a single cloud-based solution. Express helps by eliminating the complexity of digitization, reducing operational costs, and allowing you to quickly scale and easily maintain your trading partner connectivity, so you can focus on what matters most – optimizing cost and growing your business. Cleo’s cloud data movement solution combines the power of an enterprise-grade B2B gateway platform with a modern cloud delivery and management experience that supports all your file transfer and multi-enterprise connectivity needs. 

With Express, organizations can easily:

  • Automate end-to-end file-based processes between every trading partner and internal systems
  • Reduce manual touchpoints and consolidate separate file transfer products to a single cloud-based solution
  • Accelerate your cash cycle times by helping reduce errors and optimize exception management

Major Benefits

Stay competitive and back your digitization initiatives

Power Multi-Enterprise Connectivity

Avoid breach risk of providing internal access

Key Features

Be prepared for the future

With Cleo solutions you don't just have EDI, iPaaS, API integration or managed integration services. The solutions enable the best elements of these traditional integration technologies to be integrated into a single platform, so you can connect and do business across your entire ecosystem with complete confidence. Your market and ecosystem continues to evolve and the development of Cleo never stops. This allows us to offer better integration technology so that you as an organization never stand still. Contact us today.

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