Cleo Communications

Few parties supply stable and reliable software such as Cleo Communications. Cleo's solutions for the secure transfer of data from one system to another (Managed File Transfer) are user-friendly and have a short implementation time.

Managed File Transfer

Organisations are exchanging more and more data. Moreover, files are becoming larger. This requires software that guarantees a fast and reliable data transfer. There are only few companies in the world of Managed File Transfer that are as well equipped for this as Cleo Communications.

Accelerated Data Exchange

Cleo software is robust, stable and reliable. Cleo Communications' solutions make it easy to add new partners and easily handle peak loads in file transfers. They even accelerate data exchange and enable you to track orders throughout the system. Cleo is certified by the independent Drummond Group, an additional guarantee that gives you secure connections.



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Want to get started right away?

ECS International has been a partner of Cleo since 2005 and has the in-house experts to advise you on the right choices for fast and secure data communication. It makes no difference whether you are starting with MFT for the first time or switching from an existing situation. Would you like to know more about the possibilities of Cleo Communications solutions for your organisation? Then contact us.