About us

ECS International connects organisations worldwide. We help customers to exchange data quickly and securely. This way, we increase their competitiveness. Since 1999, we have more than a thousand successful implementations to our name, including in transport and logistics, pharmaceuticals, retail and wholesale.

Standardisation and automation

Thanks to customised advice and solutions, companies are moving away from the paper world of faxes and packing slips, scanning and manually transferring files. They are moving to an environment where messages are automatically sent and transformed into a 'language' that both sender and receiver understand. The risk of errors is drastically reduced, while standardisation and automation speed up work processes. Opportunities also arise for data traffic monitoring, artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive reporting. This produces tangible results: more convenience, more job satisfaction, lower costs and more satisfied customers.

ECS International is also your partner in Managed File Transfer. For when data needs to be transferred quickly and securely from A to B and no translation is required.

Whatever your challenge, together we ensure that you can focus on what you are good at.

Secure integrations and links

How we do it

Our experts understand your business and are real problem solvers. They listen to what you are looking for and what you need help with. Often, IT systems do not work well together and hinder growth. ECS International implements secure integrations and links between internal and external applications, so that systems can talk to each other. Thanks to years of experience, the translation between different data standards holds no secrets for our certified employees. This also applies to the protocols for secure Managed File Transfer.

Invest in a product

ECS International as technology supplier

ECS International has a lot of knowledge of the IBM iSeries (formerly AS/400). An important part of our customers works with ERP/WMS systems that run on this, which makes us strong in development and support on this platform.

ECS International is a technology supplier. You do not invest in a product, but in a solution. Our consultants help you with advice, mapping and training, optimising business processes and securing data communication. This way, you choose the solution that suits you best: exchange via a private network, via the cloud or a combination of both. In every contact, you will experience a customer-focused, personal approach.

Whatever your challenge, you can rely on ECS International. We get implementations up and running quickly and are always ready to assist.

Why we do it

It is our ambition to take our customers to a higher level through better internal and external connections: working more efficiently, offering better service and doing business faster and more secure. We are committed to this with heart and soul. As others grow, so do we.

In addition, we are fascinated by innovative technology. We offer a wide range of products and services for application integration and data communication. But that is not all: we support our solutions with professional services such as consultancy, education and our support desk. Customer appreciation is why we do it.

Want to start right away?

ECS International helps you quickly with reliable, flexible and scalable solutions for secure electronic data exchange. This ensures greater convenience, more efficient work processes, a fast ROI and, above all, more satisfied customers. Would you like to know more about the implementation process and what ECS can do for your organisation? Then contact us.