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Organisations are exchanging more and more data electronically. But when IT systems do not speak each other's language, it is not always that easy. With quickly and efficiently implemented solutions, ECS International ensures that these systems understand each other well, for smooth electronic communication with internal and external partners.

ECS also stands for safe data transfer. Data are clearly visible and can be tracked accurately. Back-end systems start working as soon as they receive critical data. ECS' experienced professionals make this possible by combining a passion for technology with extensive knowledge of business processes, for tailor-made advice. Since launching in 1999, they have had more than a thousand successful implementations to their name.


X4Connect: The integration platform that converts data to any format or standard for fast, secure and cost-efficient exchange of electronic data.

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ECS International is an expert in the field of data communication, data transformation and data integration. We connect every data flow between systems and with customers, suppliers and other partners. With our solutions and links, you will achieve your goals faster.


ECS International has years of experience with data integration solutions in various sectors. Please choose one of our industries below for more information.




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