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Webinar on Demand: The future of data integration: Integrate – Automate – Succeed

Companies need robust data integration in order to drive their business. Conventional tools for data integration require significant investments in manual data mapping, document definition, partner interface configuration, and even coding. With the constantly growing number of data formats, effectively supporting the business becomes a monumental task. When your IT-department cannot support a data format, it risks becoming a roadblock.

What if you could say yes, we can support that — and then just make it happen?

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Seamless integration of your existing applications, data and business processes
  • Create any-to-any data connections using one single platform
  • Graphical drag and drop mapping instead of manual coding
  • Generatie workflows during the process
  • Have continuous visibility of your data process through web-based portal.

This data integration webinar will provide both important items to guide IT practitioners as well as suggestions for a business technology agenda for CIOs.

After a short introduction we will present you a live demo on how easy data integration / mapping can be. You can watch it here.

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